Dealing With Bad Habits (1)

‚ÄčThere are thousands, maybe millions of people worldwide who are struggling with some bad habits. So many have become slaves of bad habits and have become addicted. Some have made several attempts but they keep finding themselves going back to the same thing. Some are willing slaves while some are unwilling slaves. 
In this series, we will be examining those bad habits, their root causes, implications, remedies and management. My hope and prayer is that at the end of the series, someone out there would have been set freed. 
First, we will examine what bad habits are as a foundation for this series. Bad habits are those impulse driven actions consciously or unconsciously taken, that have the capacity to reduce the chances of a person to reach his or her full potential. They could affect someone’s emotional, psychological, financial, material or physical well-being, both in the short term and in the long term. 
Some habits are also known as conditions, that is, some medical or psychological causes maybe responsible. They may be due to some traumas or hormonal imbalance.  
Examples of such habits include smoking, use of hard drugs, drinking, watching porns, masturbating, homosexualism, lesbianism, incest, bestiality, lying, stealing, gluttony, bed wetting, gossiping, procrastination, gambling, and so on. 
These are habits that can alter someone’s life to the extent of losing self-control. The victims of such habits can be classified into three:

1. Willing Victims 

2. Unwilling Victims

3. Indifferent Victims 
Willing Victims are those who are conscious of the habits, enjoy indulging in such habits and even promote such habits. They are not ashamed of letting the world know what they do and they even try to win others to try the habits out. Examples are those who openly practice homosexualism or lesbianism, or those who indulge in use of hard drugs. 
Unwilling Victims are also conscious of the habits, but are not happy doing it even though they have momentary enjoyment when they indulge in such habits. Such people always have post action regrets and guilt. They hide their habits and even deter others from indulging. Examples are some categories of smokers, those who masturbate, bedwetters, kleptomaniacs, nymphomaniacs, etc. 
Indifferent Victims are unconscious of the habits and have neither sense of enjoyment or non-enjoyment of indulging in such habits. They are the extreme cases of addiction. They are usually those whose senses of guilt or pleasure have been dulled by one disaster or tragedy. To them life has no meaning and nothing matters anymore. Examples are those who took to the bottles after experiencing some huge loss. 
We will continue tomorrow by examine the root causes of these habits. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 
Adewumi Oni 




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Enjoy the Moment

One of the tragedies of life is to lay down on one’s deathbed and discover that one has not enjoyed life. It could be a very painful and regretful moment. Life means ‘Live in full existence’. Fully exist! Life is designed to be enjoyed. The little moments in life are meant to be savored and enjoyed. John Scalzi said ‘ Do what you need to do and enjoy life as it happens.’ There is no better moment to enjoy life than now. The major reason why we end up missing the fun in life is because we are always worried about the past, present and future. So we end up not living in any moment at all!

God never designed life to be full of stress and worry. He designed life to be fully enjoyed. In the story of creation, we learnt that God paused at the end of each day’s work to appreciate what had been accomplished. It was a daily practice with God! So why make yours monthly or yearly!

There are many dimensions to enjoying our moments. First, we are often too busy pursuing our lofty goals, to observe the little moments of successes and achievements in between. We must set little milestones to enjoy what has been achieved. Don’t be carried away with the goal, appreciate the small moments in between. Enjoying life makes you feel better, happier and ultimately healthier. The healthier you are, the longer you will live and the greater your accomplishments.

Two, we always allow our challenges to becloud and blind us from appreciating the beauty in each moment. If you walk into a garden after a major victory or success, you will appreciate the flowers more, you will enjoy the fragrance they exude more. The chirping of the birds will be like a sweet music to your ears. However, if you walk into the same garden after a defeat or setback, you are more than likely to see the chirping birds as nuisance, the flowers won’t be as colorful to you. It is still the same garden! The only difference is in living in the moment. Life is also a garden, if you allow your challenges to becloud your reasoning, you will miss out on so much fun.

Three, when we are facing a health challenge, we close the door on the beauty of the moment. We concentrate all our thoughts on the ailments, fueling our fears and further worsening the situation. Hear what Nelson Mandela said, “Even if you have a terminal disease, you don’t have to sit down and mope. Enjoy life and challenge the illness that you have.” Seize every moment to enjoy life.

Four, we all suffer from the ‘I will wait till it gets better’ Syndrome. We want to have more money, be better positioned, be stronger, have more influence before we enjoy life. The danger in that is that you will start living pretty late, when your life is almost over. Enjoy your moments now. Don’t wait till it gets better. Celebrate now. Nature actually has a way of responding to positive or negative stimuli. If you celebrate now, nature will create another moment of celebration. So choose which stimulus to send to nature.

Five, many of us are working for a living, which in itself is an antithesis to enjoying the moments. You are designed to enjoy your work and live for your work. We are not designed to work for a living. We are designed to live for our work. One way to guarantee enjoying your moments is to create work out of what you enjoy doing most. Truly, that is when you really start living.

They say life begins at forty, I think not. I think life begins when you begin to enjoy your moments. Stay healthy by enjoying your moments.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!


Feed Your Mind Correctly

“Mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it, to see a better world.” – Amit Ray. All great inventions start from the mind. No wonder the Bible warns to keep your heart with all diligence, because out of it proceeds the issues of life. What and where you are today is a product of what you have fed your mind with in the past. If you want to change where you are, then change what you feed your mind with.

Your mind is like a mirror, like Amit said. It reflects what you feed it, and that is basically what determines your outlook and approach to life. You must therefore make conscious effort to begin to feed your mind correctly. If you can open up the mind of some people, all you will find is gossips, fashion, and junks. Nothing really valuable. That is why some people are just empty, without depth and have nothing valuable to offer to life.

The greatest nutrients to the mind is the word of God. Make it a daily habit to read and digest the Word. Reading biographies and autobiographies is also good. It exposes your mind to the minds of great people. Mind what you watch. If you watch porn, you will live porn. Watch documentary that will increase your knowledge base. Don’t stay glued to the TV watching movies and music. They only feed you with vanities.

We watch great men and women (I mean truly great people, not our politicians) on TV and we envy them. If you take time to find out how they became great, you will find out that they fed their mind with the right stuffs. Most great people are avid readers. They are dedicated learners, always opening up their minds to learn more. If you want to be great, it starts from your mind. They cultivate their minds like a good farmer will cultivate his farm. Start your journey to Greatness today by consciously feeding your mind with the right nutrients.

Unfortunately, we are at a point when our nation is being daily deprived of great minds. Old age and death are daily taking away those great minds. Sadly, the rate of replacement is pitiably low. Little wonder most of our Senators lack depth and can’t really offer anything constructive. A rich man does not make a rich mind. They are mostly empty minds. Ecclesiastes 10:7. Equip your mind with urgency, for it is time to arise and take your place in destiny.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

Unnecessary Burden

Our generation has been fed with so many stories. Some are true, some are false, some are somewhat true, some are somewhat false, some are outright creation of evil machinations. These stories have affected the way we see the other persons. They have created so much hatred between tribes, races and colors. Sometimes, you could almost touch the hatred a black man has for the white man and vice versa. Even among the blacks, the hatred is unimaginable! A typical example is the needless waste of lives during the Tutsis and Hutus imbroglio in Rwanda. Another is the Biafra war in Nigeria.

When I read hateful comments on social media by Yorubas against the Ibos, or the Ibos against the Hausas, I ask myself why we carry so much burden of hatred. I love our diversity. Essentially, we are all human beings and none of us willingly chose his or her tribe. As a matter of fact, I could have been an Ibo man or an Hausa man or even a Briton. God decided where I was born and this same God created the different tribes and races all over the world. If we hate ourselves so much, we might as well hate the Creator!

We complain about ourselves and point out our faults and weaknesses as if we expect humans to be angels. Even angels have weaknesses, otherwise there would not have been fallen angels! Enough of the hatred! Enough of the hateful words! We are first human and that is all that matters. If animals could care for their own, why can’t we care for ourselves? I still can’t find reasons why you would hate someone so much as to think of striking the person dead. Some of us cringe when slaughtering a chicken or goat, and then some people delight in slaughtering fellow men in the name of religion! Very unfortunate!

Whether you hate because of stories you heard or what you have witnessed, it doesn’t make you any right in hating. We are creatures of love and hate is anti-God. The hatred in our heart is too much burden for the heart to carry. God never created our hearts for burden. True food of the heart is love. Stop hating and start loving. Forgive where you have been hurt and allow God to heal you.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

Dressed To Cover or Expose?

As primitive as we would consider Adam and Eve, the moment they ate the forbidden fruit, they suddenly realized they were naked. They both felt ashamed of each other, even when they were just two and felt awkward seeing their nakedness. God, also realising their nakedness had to make the first garment to cover them, made from animal skin.

This clearly shows that nakedness is abnormal. Our body is designed to be covered. Recent trends in our world today, however shows that a lot of people are tending toward nakedness. It has become a serious source of concern within both sexes, as it appears that the ladies are striving to outdo the guys in exposing their bodies. Albeit, it is worse among the women folk. It appears the intention now is to dress to expose the body as against the norm of dressing to cover the body.

One of the early signs of knowing when someone is beginning to develop mental disorder is his tendency to go out either half dressed or naked. Immediately, you see such you will know something is wrong. If this is still symptomatic of madness, then many of our ladies have gone mad and many are joining them on daily basis! How do you explain someone wearing a Jean pant that is torn such that the whole laps are exposed and she attends a function or photoshoot dressed as such? Is this true fashion or madness in disguise? Why then do you dress if the intention is to expose your body, especially the parts considered private?

Alarmingly, some ‘mothers’ dress their little girls up in this same manner. Adorning them with skimpy skirts and tattered jeans. God, have mercy on our generation! I will not bother to talk about the many implications of such dresses, as we already know some of them. Maybe, it is time to come up with strong legislations to discourage this worrisome trend.

So I am asking you this morning, are you dressed to cover your body or to expose it? If the intention is to expose, why not come out naked so we can quickly attend to your growing madness.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!