Military Coup in Thailand

Military takeover in Thailand. Despite the appeal and global acceptance for democracy and disdain for military government, the military in Thailand still summoned courage to do what needed to be done. Whether their stay will be long or short, no one knows for now, only time will tell. Any government mismanaging her economy and thinking the days of military are over should have a rethink. Nobody can tolerate gross ineptitude and large scale corruption for long. No one.


The most diffic…

The most difficult management task and perhaps the most crucial is the task of managing people. If you get it right your chances of success is doubly assured. You must learn the art of people management to be successful leader. People make the company and not the other way round. Focus on building your people and your company will thrive. When companies fail, it is largely due to low morale, poor discipline, low productivity, lack of innovation, skill drain and mistrust. These are all people issues. So fix your people issues and you would have fixed 70% of the issues.

Watch and Pray

“Watch and Pray” were very words of Jesus Christ to his disciples. (Mathew 26:41). Christians, especially in Nigeria are quick to quote this at the slightest opportunity to counsel or preach. Though it was given in the context of watching and praying against temptation but it applies to every aspect of our lives. However we seem to have over-emphasized one of the two instructions at a great expense of the other. We have all become ‘prayer warriors’ and expect every thing to fall into place just by Praying.

We have failed to recognize the deliberate arrangement or prioritization of the two words. He said “Watch” first and then “Pray”. I believe if we do the first very well you will likely do less of the second. However, we have all either consciously or unconsciously left the first only to concentrate on the second. Little wonder we don’t get results. It has gotten so bad that even public officials instead of accepting responsibility for failure in the discharge of their public duties, turn to prayers and ask for prayers. Should you not ask for prayer as a leader? Yes, you should. But you do not have such a right if you are not watching as a leader. We can’t progress as a nation or a society if we continue with this trend. I quite agree with the crux of the write up by Sabella Abidde in the link below:

It is time we accepted responsibility for our destiny and stop believing that everything will be solved by just praying. We need to start using our thinking cap without underplaying the role of God in the affairs of men. God will not do what He has ordained men to do and man cannot do what only God can do. God is responsible for the supernatural and He has delegated responsibilities for the natural to men. It is time for us to be responsible.

Watching means planning, preparing, strategizing, being on the look out, focusing, taking actions, etc. The watching aspect is the part that has been delegated to men. When we watch, then God can heed our prayers and act. So if you want a better nation, it is time to start acting. Make your choices wisely. Don’t just act with flimsiness. Don’t be rash. He that believes shall not make haste. Isaiah 28:16.

Our future is in our hands. It is time to wake up and chart the course of your life by watching and praying.

Watch Your Thought Pattern

Your present condition is a product of your thought pattern. If you like where you are now, then maintain your thinking pattern. if you don’t like it, then examine your thought pattern and change it. If you are constantly thinking negatively you cannot go far in life. Negative thoughts impact negatively on your ability to succeed in life. It is not just a cliché that as a man thinks so he is, it is both a statement of fact and the truth. Watch it!