Guides to Choosing Your Team (3)

​Another factor that should influence your team selection is the market you are playing in or you intend to play in. 

Is your venture a market interfacing venture? 

Which market are you playing/do you intend to  play in? 

Which segment of the market do you intend to play in? 

Does the candidate understand that market segment? 

Does he have any experience in that market? 

Who are the major players in that market? 

Does he know about these other players in the market? 

Does he know the rules and regulations of the market? 

Where is the market located? It could be physical location or online? Does he have easy access to the market? 

Is the market regulated? Does he have the qualifications to be a player according to the regulatory body? 

These are some of the questions that must be answered before you settle for a team member. 

We will continue with the other factors tomorrow. 
God bless us all. 
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Guide to Choosing Your Team (2)

Every vision requires people to become reality, however you can’t choose those people based on sentiments. You choice has to be objective and be based on several factors including affinity of vision. People who have vision similar to your vision will likely be willing to work with you and they will work with passion. People of no vision usually lack passion, they are mostly driven by monetary rewards. Having them on your team may not help you because they wont see beyond the immediate returns.

So apart from your own vision, you need to be sure the people you are selecting have visions and the visions are not diametrically opposite yours.


2. Skill Factor: You don’t want to have square peg in round holes in your venture. It is necessary you test those you want to include in your team for requisite skills. There are several ways to do this including interview, aptitude test, psychometric test, case studies, etc. Beyond technical skills, you need to test for some soft skills like relationship management skill, communication skill, how well can they cope under stress, and other skills can directly impact on the success of the venture.


You are not testing to completely exclude some people. Some have basic knowledge and skills and have a ‘willing to learn’ attitude. Depending on the stage of your venture and availability of time, you can take on those with the attitude to learn and basic skills. Some have the core skills and can be engaged, subject to scaling attitude hurdle.


In summary, skill factor is important and will help you have the right kind of people on your team. Don’t undermine the success of your venture by allowing emotions to rule your judgement when selecting your team. If someone doesn’t have it, the next question is can he be trained? If No, there is no need being emotional, even if you like the personality of the candidate, unless there is another area the candidate can be engaged.


God bless us all.


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Guides to Choosing Your Team (1)

In most cases, the success of any venture whether commercial or non-commercial depends largely on the make-up of the team behind the venture. Most successes are the results of combined efforts, not one individual effort. For instance, one footballer may emerge as the highest goal scorer in a game, but without the support of other members of the team, he would not have scored those goals.


It is therefore important to consider several factors when forming or making your team. This series will look at some of the factors to be considered and the pitfalls to watch out for. My hope is that we would learn how to choose team, or how to make our teams stronger by the time we are done with this series.


Here are some of the factors to be considered when forming your team:


a. Vision factor

b. Skill factor

c. Market factor

d. Personality factor

e. Cultural factor

f. Language factor


Let us start with the Vision factor. Vision determines almost everything about a venture. It determines the scope, the resources required, both human and non-human, the time frame, the linkages that will be needed. Anyone who intends to set out to achieve a mission must first sit down and draw up the vision. Luke 14:28 is not just about cost, it is about the vision.


Your vision will determine the kind of people you need in your team, their skill sets, their temperaments, their dispositions, etc. Let us look at the example of Jesus Christ when he was selecting the first twelve disciples. He chose people who were busy, engaged, rugged and determined. Peter for instance had toiled all night and caught nothing, but still had enough faith to wash his net in preparation for the next night. He also still had enough faith to trust Jesus when Jesus asked him to thrust out his net again, this time around when the day had broken. He was very hardworking. Jesus knew the vision of reaching the entire world, and knew he needed energetic people as the first disciples. People who had enough energy to rock the world. Mathew was also a tax collector and a busy man. None of this team members was a layabout. If your vision is big and with a global mandate, you need very strong, resilient and broad minded people.


Do not start forming your team when you have no clear vision yet, otherwise you will have the wrong people on your team. We will dig further on Vision factor tomorrow, before we proceed to the other factors.


God bless us all.


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Motivating Factor Determines Success

The common assumption about business is that it is setup primarily for profit making. This perhaps is one of the reasons businesses don’t outlive their founders. Once you make profit making your sole aim in business, a lot of things will suffer which eventually will erode your ability to make profit. 
Great businesses are founded on the philosophy of solving a need or filling a gap in the market. How best you meet the perceived and existing need relatively to other businesses meeting same need, is what determines your success in business. Profits travel along with problem solvers. Whether individuals or businesses, when you always seek to meet a need, you will make profit in the process. 
It is therefore important to review your underlying business philosophy, if you are already in business,  if you are just about starting, then you must define it right. 
Beyond identifying and meeting a need, you must be able to provide answers to the following questions :

I.  What unique strengths do I/we have to meet this need? It could be your human resource capacity, or technological skill, or location advantage. You must maximise your strengths to the disadvantage of existing competitors and new entrants. 

II. What are my weaknesses that competitors can take advantage of in the chosen market? It could be your business size, poor distribution network, and so on. You must find a way of mitigating the identified weaknesses. 

III. What are the peculiar opportunities and threats in your chosen market, political, environmental, social and technological? How do you leverage on the opportunities and deal with the threats? 
When you are motivated by the need to meet a need and then build a business model around that motivation bearing in mind the questions above, your chances of success is very high. Also, you must regularly review your answers to the questions to ascertain your relevance. 
Get your business philosophy right and you are bound to be successful. 

God bless us all. 
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Adewumi Oni 

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Relationships that Matter (4)

As we approach the end of this series, we will consider another relationship that you must not toy with. Remember our premise for this series is that you can’t make it alone. You need people to reach your full potential. Keeping the right relationships is therefore a key imperative for fulfilling purpose.

As a self employed person, your relationship with your clients is very important. The saying ‘Customer is the king’ is not just a cliché, it is a truism. It remains true always. You must nurture your relationship with your customers so that you can retain them and get referrals through them.

Customers have choices, there are other competitors that can offer the same product or service you are offering. You need your customers more than they need you, hence your product/service offerings, accessibility, pricing, channels, and promotions must be cognizant of the needs of your customers. No matter how big your business may have grown, remain small for your customers to have access to you. One of the reasons why companies fail is growing so big to the extent of losing touch with market realities.

Always engage your customers through regular feedback, customers forum, and market survey. Be interested in your customers well being. Birthday wishes, thank you notes, promos and discounts, all go a long way to keep your customers or clients. Design your business in such a way that you get some personal details of your customers. It always works, especially when matched with great product or service.

Above all, ensure that what your product or service offering exceeds the price they pay for it. Value must always exceed price, if you are to retain your customers. You must take time to determine the value expectations and value perceptions of your clients. Sometimes what we regard as value offering is different from the customer’s value perception. You must always bridge the gap between value offering and value expectations/perceptions.

Regardless of the size of your business, you can grow it further or cause it to shrink, depending on how you treat your customers. Treat them like Kings and you will get them always coming back.

God bless us all.

Good morning!

Managing Crisis

Life is programmed such that we will need always experience challenging times. Sometimes it is in our personal lives, other times it is in our career, some other times it is in our businesses. I mean, that period of crisis that threatens to consume us and makes us to start fearing the worst. Nobody is immuned to crisis. Life chart is like a wave of water, with crests and troughs at different points. The crests represent our moments of great achievement while the troughs represent those moments of crises.

How do you handle moments of crisis?
1. Know that every crisis like every other thing has a life cycle. It has a beginning and it will surely end someday.

2. Maintain your peace, composure and sanity of mind. Don’t allow fear to crowd out your senses. Knowing that crisis has an end should give you some peace and sanity of mind.

3. Be proactive in information management. One of the things that kill a business faster than the crisis itself is poor information management. Take charge of the information management process. Don’t let market react based on grapevine news. Hold a press conference or meet with stakeholders to let them know what the issues are and the steps you are taking to address the issues. Be opened to your staff also, let them understand the situation, but let them know you are handling the situation.

4. Take decisive actions where necessary. Don’t delay or procrastinate on important and urgent actions. You don’t leave a cancerous cell to fester and affect other part of the body. If there is a need to disengage any erring member of your team or a product line, do so quickly and communicate the disengagement properly.

5. Have a crisis and disaster management plan in place. Don’t wait for the evil day. Plan for the evil day. Your disaster recovery and management system should immediately be operational in crisis moments.

6. Watch out for new opportunities in the crisis. Crises sometimes present us with a new set of opportunities that were hitherto hidden to us. You could discover a new product line, new service type or new market in crisis, that is why you need to maintain your calmness.

If you wait it out, it will pass and you will be stronger and better. It will surely pass.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

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Real Estate Opportunities

Landed Property

A property housing four 3 Bedroom units in the main building plus a 2 bedroom flat and self contained in the BQ with parking space for about 10 cars
Suitable for residential, shopping mall or school.

C of O

Iju Ishaga, Lagos

45million NGN

1. Plots of land at Mowe-Ofada axis price between 900 & 1.5m per plot

2. Plots of land at Shimawa at 600k per plot.

3. Plots of land at Ibeju Lekki Local Govt.Area near Pan African University at 1.25m per plot. Instalmental payment option available.

4. Sponsorship Opportunity: Eight (7) plots of land at 1.5m at Igbogun village, after La Campagne Tropicana Resort, along Lagos Epe Expressway. This is a rare investment opportunities. It is envisaged that housing demand by Dangote Refinery workers, Free Trade Zone workers, and proposed Airport staff will multiply the value of land in that environment. Best for investors.

5. Plots of land at Baruwa Ipaja at 2.5m NGN per plot.

6. 1456 sqm of land at Riverview Estate, beside Channels Television, OPIC. Asking 40million NGN. (Hot Area)

Best time to invest is during recession. Don’t wait for things to get better, you may not get any of these at the quoted prices by then.

Inbox or call or chat me on 08028395824 if interested.

Thank you.

Happy Democracy Holiday.

Be Prepared

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin. Preparation is halfway to success. God took five days to prepare the earth before creating man. He recognized the need to prepare. Preparation is very key to success. What we call luck or lucky break is the meeting of preparation with opportunity. Oprah Winfrey said ‘I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn’t been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t have been lucky.’

We often complain that life is not fair to us, not knowing that God is only waiting for us to be prepared before bringing the opportunity we seek across our ways. If you have not successful master how to manage yourself, why are you looking for additional person to manage in form of husband or wife? Are you truly prepared for marriage? You are trying to raise capital to start your business, yet you can’t manage your personal finance well yet! Why add to the number of failed marriages or businesses?

The truth is a lot of us are either ill-prepared or completely unprepared for the success we seek. We need to spend more time learning what it takes to handle whatever we want. Read more about it. Ask people who are already successful in it. Develop your character to fit that position. Cultivate the discipline and commitment required. Don’t just sit there and mope about life not being fair, you are the one who is not fair! Be prepared!

When you are prepared it will happen, that is how life works. The Author of life doesn’t waste His resources. He gives much to him who is mostly prepared. Abraham Lincoln said ‘I will prepare and some day my chance will come.’ He kept preparing himself for the White House despite several failures. He kept working at it until his opportunity came. His speech at Gettysburg remains one of the best speeches ever made. He remains one of the most influential Presidents of the United States till date.

There is no worse disaster as ill prepared leaders. There is no bad luck worse than an unprepared person managing people or resources. So get your nose into sniffing out information relevant for your aspiration. Nothing kills more than ignorance. Get yourself informed. Read. Study. Exercise your mind and body. Drop those bad habits. Sharpen your skills. It is all in your hands, so be prepared.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

Where Are You Going?

As you step out for work or business today, it is important that you start ruminating on the question ‘Where Are You Going?’This is not about your office or business location. It is not about your destination today. This is about your life or business purpose. This is about the core of your existence, the reason why you are here and the value you are to add to life either as an individual or a business. Do you know why you are here?

Sadly, millions of people all over the world are living in ignorance of where they are going. Problems are products of people’s ignorance of their purposes. Society and systems failures are fallouts of the absence of Purpose driven individuals in places of Purpose. “The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky. If you don’t know where you are going you are not living, even though you are alive. You are not to accept job or business offers mainly because of the pay or profit. Your purpose determines your choice of jobs, businesses and even associations. The challenge today is that we allow our jobs, businesses and associations to determine our purposes. It is a great anomaly!

Life means Living In Full Existence. You can only live in full existence if you know where you are going and you are working towards it. “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. You cannot live until you start living. You start living when you are in pursuit of your purpose.

In Chemistry, ‘matter’ is defined as ‘anything that has weight and occupy space.’ You can only matter in life if your life carries weight. Weight is a function of value added and you can only add true value when you are on the right destination. Do you matter in life? Does your life carry weight? It is not in how wealthy you are, it is about how worthy you are. If life is all about wealth, we have enough wealth in the world to have a perfect world. Life is about finding and fulfilling purpose. The more people we have fulfilling purpose, the better the world will be.

If you don’t know the purpose of a thing, you will likely abuse it. Many of us are victims of self abuse because we don’t know our purposes. Self abuse is the foundation for every kind of abuse. The moment you find your True Self, no one can keep you down again. There is an indescribable burst of positive energy and joy that comes with knowing where you are going. This is why people of Purpose are naturally influential and impactful. They carry so much energy such that anyone or anything in their path will naturally be touched by that energy. Don’t live an empty life.

So, this weekend is a good opportunity to think deeply on where you are going. Don’t just be busy, be purpose driven! If you already know where you are going, then I will say congratulations to you. But you can help others to find their destinations too. That way, our world will be richer, safer, better and simpler!

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

Build Your Support System

It is not good for man to be alone. Gen. 2:18. Woe betides that person who has no helper when he is down. Ecc. 4:10. Loneliness is dangerous. In those days, when hunters want to kill a lion, what they used to do is to isolate one from the pack, because they know it is suicidal to face a pride of lions. Same with human beings, enemies can penetrate easily when you are alone. Life’s challenges become easier to deal with when you have helpers around you. Your helpers form your support system.

You must consciously build and nurture your support system. If you don’t have a support system, you are as good as food for the lion. Your support system can be made up of friends, relatives, colleagues, bosses and religious leaders. You cannot build a support system if you don’t have good relationship management skill or good interpersonal skills. It starts with being helpful to others. Assisting people when they need help. Being good on your job helps to win the hearts of your colleagues and supervisors, and takes your relationship with them beyond official. Nurture your relationship with your spouse. Don’t have an enemy within, you are a dead duck if you do.

Life operates on the principle of sowing and reaping. If you sow help, you will reap help. If you sow kindness, you will reap kindness. If you sow cruelty that is what you will reap. So, you need to start reviewing what you are sowing. Don’t be a loner. Reach out to people. No matter how rich or strong you are, you will need help at some point. Don’t let pride blind you from building your support system. What you may need may not be money, it may be something ordinary which you don’t have. So don’t disdain people in building your support system. In times of trouble, what will determine whether people will respond to your distress call is how you relate with them in normal time.

It is true that God is the True Helper and the only reliable one, but He will still use people to help you.  So acknowledge God in all your ways and love your neighbors as yourself. Ask yourself these questions ‘do I have a support system?’ and ‘how strong is my support system?’ Answer those questions objectively and take necessary actions as relevant. May you not be stranded in life. Be conscious of your support system and take time to continually nurture it.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!