What is it about this showiness?

I often wonder what our so called “Celebrities” aim to achieve by their unwarranted and sometimes completely gross showiness. Whenever one of them buys a new wristwatch you will find him or her posing with it on Instagram or Facebook or any of the other social media. For some it is vehicles, for some it is a new shoe. For some it is even their bodies (grossly tattooed).

My question is who cares what you buy or do with your body? We don’t need you to show us what you just bought. We need you to show the world how much you care by investing in humanity. Enough of this crassness. Let us be matured. While this is not just a black man affair, sometimes you find white doing this also. I can mention a few names among them. When you are blessed in anyway, your being blessed is to help humanity and make this world better. Help the homeless. Reach out to the poor and destitute. Find a good cause and invest yourself in it.

Enough of the showiness. Who cares whether you just bought a Rolex or G-Wagon! Grow up please!