Keshi’s Sack – Wrong Timing

Now that NFF has sacked Keshi midway to qualification, can Amodu Shuaibu achieve anything in the last two games? Can he put a solid team together? It seems poor decision making always tag along with NFF. Keshi should either have been sacked after world cup or left to complete this qualification pursuit.
Again, personally I do not think Amodu can do anything different, we are just recycling the same set of skilled and maybe seasoned coaches but who lack technical prowess to read, analyze and outsmart the opponent coach from the bench. All our coaches need is to understudy some of the Champion League coaches for a year or so.
Do we have the humility of kind to do this? I doubt it.

Is it all about Money?

It is distraughtful that almost everything we do in Nigeria revolves around money. We have sacrificed almost everything good at the altar of money. When the Super Eagles are at a crucial stage, where a loss means exit from the World Cup, rather than focus on how to defeat France and move on to the Quarter final for the first time, our Eagles are boycotting training and asking for their share of the $8m from FIFA for qualifying for the second round. Whether it is justified or not is not my focus, it is the fact that the crucial match is of less importance than the money that beats me.
Also, why do we keep having this issue? Why can’t our players have confidence and trust in our football administrators?