Dealing With Bad Habits (4)

We concluded our discussion on the causes of bad habits yesterday. Today we will be looking at the implications of bad habits. 
Some of these are:
1. Addiction: One of the major implications of bad habits is chronic addition. Some habits are very hard to drop. Smoking, drinking, masturbating, watching porns, and gambling are some of these hard to drop habits. 
2. Further implication of addiction is an imbalanced social identity. The addicts find it difficult to live a normal life, their lives becomes disrupted by frequent indulgent in their habits. They sometimes prefer to be alone so as to have opportunity to enjoy their habits. When at work they hardly stay through one task, it is either their mind wanders off or their body goes in search of indulgence. 
3. Social and Mental disorientation: They can further become socially and mentally disoriented. Mental illness can set in. For users of hard drugs, in most cases, they end up with mental illnesses, if not treated. 
4. Security threat to the society: They can become serious and potent threats to the safety and security of the society. Many cases of rape, sexual abuse, assault and murder are as results of addiction to bad habits. 
5. Broken Homes and Parenting Crises: These also lead to domestic abuse, separations and divorces, which inevitably affects the upbringing of the children in such homes. In most cases, the children pick up the same habits in multiplied dimension. 
6. Broken Society: The aggregation of broken homes will eventually lead to broken society, break down of law and order and moral decadence. 
These are some of the reasons we should stop ignoring those who are under the influence of bad habits, because somehow it gets back to us. 
From tomorrow we will begin to look at the remedies. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 
Adewumi Oni 




Twitter: onadol2010


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