Unnecessary Burden

Our generation has been fed with so many stories. Some are true, some are false, some are somewhat true, some are somewhat false, some are outright creation of evil machinations. These stories have affected the way we see the other persons. They have created so much hatred between tribes, races and colors. Sometimes, you could almost touch the hatred a black man has for the white man and vice versa. Even among the blacks, the hatred is unimaginable! A typical example is the needless waste of lives during the Tutsis and Hutus imbroglio in Rwanda. Another is the Biafra war in Nigeria.

When I read hateful comments on social media by Yorubas against the Ibos, or the Ibos against the Hausas, I ask myself why we carry so much burden of hatred. I love our diversity. Essentially, we are all human beings and none of us willingly chose his or her tribe. As a matter of fact, I could have been an Ibo man or an Hausa man or even a Briton. God decided where I was born and this same God created the different tribes and races all over the world. If we hate ourselves so much, we might as well hate the Creator!

We complain about ourselves and point out our faults and weaknesses as if we expect humans to be angels. Even angels have weaknesses, otherwise there would not have been fallen angels! Enough of the hatred! Enough of the hateful words! We are first human and that is all that matters. If animals could care for their own, why can’t we care for ourselves? I still can’t find reasons why you would hate someone so much as to think of striking the person dead. Some of us cringe when slaughtering a chicken or goat, and then some people delight in slaughtering fellow men in the name of religion! Very unfortunate!

Whether you hate because of stories you heard or what you have witnessed, it doesn’t make you any right in hating. We are creatures of love and hate is anti-God. The hatred in our heart is too much burden for the heart to carry. God never created our hearts for burden. True food of the heart is love. Stop hating and start loving. Forgive where you have been hurt and allow God to heal you.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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