Dealing With Bad Habits (3)

​In continuation of the causes of bad habits, we shall be looking at the two remaining factors today, namely Spiritual and Hereditary. 
Spiritual Factors: How do you explain someone from a very wealthy family who shoplifts at every shopping outing? Or a young lady who lacks nothing but go to red-light zones every night to spend the night with different men and for free? Or someone who lies even when he has no reason to lie? Some habits are outright spiritual afflictions and no amount of medical or psychological therapy can deal with them. 
Hereditary factors : Similarly some habits are inherited. Some polygamists have polygamy in their bloodline and until the blood connection is severed, it will keep manifesting from one generation to the next. Abraham lied about his wife. Isaac did the same thing. When it manifested in Jacob’s life, it didn’t manifest in his marriage, it manifested in stealing his brother’s blessings. Just as we transfer good traits to our children, we can also transfer bad traits. 
Regardless of the cause of the bad habits, there are solutions and remedies. Finding the remedies require identifying the root causes, which is why we have been looking at the causes. Tomorrow we will proceed to look at the implications and remedies for these habits. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning!
Adewumi Oni 




Twitter: onadol2010


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