A Time For Sober Reflection

Someone sent me this, and it is insightful. I need this writer on my friends list. If you know the author please oblige me. Enjoy his piece……

“A Time for Sober Reflection”

They say Saraki’s TRIAL is a witch hunt.
Dasuki’s TRIAL is a retaliation.
Dokpesi’s TRIAL is opposition.
But they do not say they are innocent.
They do not say the trial is not fair.
They say there are many other thieves,
So they say wait & catch others first!!!
░ A child will die in about a 1000 homes today bc it lacks access to primary health care. Someone is driving a car built from looted funds allocated to Primary Health Care;
░ A car will hit a pothole and cause grief to families bc someone is living in a mansion built frm looted funds meant for road projects;
░ A child will go hungry to bed, a father helpless a mother tired and in anguish because someone is wearing *a custom-made designer watch* bought with their salaries.
░ Someone spent 5 hours searching for fuel today, will go home to darkness because someone wanted a mansion in France, London and New York and used money meant to expand refining capacity, increase power, etc.
░ Many will die from treatable ailments because someone imported chalk as medicines. Because someone wanted to fly to the U.K. for cosmetic surgery, he approved the chalk to be sold in our chemists.
░ Many will drop out of school for ₦5000 because someone wanted their own children to attend Harvard and stole the funds for education of Nigerian children to make it happen.
░ Corruption is the reason for the rape of young hawkers who are forced on to the streets by hardship, to make a living for their cash strapped families.
░ Many families are dislocated & many are now refugees in their own country and in neighbouring nations because someone did not buy guns and ammunition for the army. Someone bought fake blades for helicopters, and someone wanted to buy mansions for his sons!!!;
░ How many lost their lives to failed banks?******
How many emigrated?
How many received a racial slur because someone took their future in their native nation?
░ Why are we kind to those who stole destinies but merciless to those who took only a minute?
▓ Think-> ***Corruption kills. Corruption impoverishes. Support the war on Corruption.*** Save the future. Pls share this, it’s high time we let people know the enemies of this nation.
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God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!


Invest in Your Employer

Yesterday, I wrote on ‘Invest in Your Human Capital’, which was basically addressed to employers of labor. I feel it will be one sided if I don’t write a follow up addressing employees, hence this write up.

Your career is like a building. Each work experience you gather represents the bricks used in building. If you use a 6 inch brick where you are meant to use 9 inch, there will be defect in the building. If you fail to use the right mix of cement, sand and gravel in your columns, you may have cracks and eventual collapse of the building. The same applies to your career. If you don’t build it well, you may suffer a career collapse later on. There are certain obligations you owe your employer. Some of these are:

1. Duty to be professional
2. Duty not to compete with your employer
3. Fiduciary duty
4. Duty of non-disclosure
5. Duty of self-development

Professionalism: This implies conscious representation of your employer in all matters within the scope of your duties in a way and manner that will not damage your employer’s image. This includes your dressing, communication, punctuality, public conduct, integrity, work output and interpersonal relationship. When you are professional in carrying out your duties, it rubs off on you and makes you a professional.

2. Non-competition: It is totally unprofessional and unethical to run the same line of business with your employer while still employed. As a matter of fact, some organizations do not allow you to be involved in any other personal business activities while employed. Also, even after leaving employment, some employment clauses may prevent you from engaging in similar trade for a time frame. So you need to familiarize yourself with the engagement clauses in your employment letter.

3. Fiduciary Duty: You are essentially an agent of your employer, so you are expected to act in the best interest of your employers always. This includes putting company first before self. An example is that of an Accountant managing a poor cashflow situation which requires payment of salaries in batches. Even when you are privy to availability of funds, you must ensure that you pay from bottom upward until it gets to your turn.

Non-Disclosure: You are not allowed to share information about the organization with third parties without necessary authorization and approvals. It is also called confidentiality of information. There are certain information that will come to your possession and that must be kept confidential. For instance, as a banker you may have information about the financial status of so many people. You cannot disclose such information or use it against them.

Self-Development: While your employer owes you the duty of training and helping you to become better, there is no better form of training than self training. You must always keep yourself abreast of latest developments in your field and even related fields. Be informed. Read widely. Make reading an habit. Reading opens up your mind.

These are some of the covenant obligations expected from employees. Do your part. Remember again, what you sow is what you will get. Sow right! Don’t kill other people’s businesses with your actions or words. It will always come back to you.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

Invest in Your Human Capital

Companies don’t make the people, the people make the company. Stephen R. Covey said “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” Simply put, your employees are your first customers. If you can’t treat them right, how do you intend to treat your external customers right? It is impossible! A major reason why businesses fail is breakdown of trust between employees and employers. Once your employees lose trust in you, forget it, you are only keeping them for another employer. And when they leave, they leave with your customers.

It is therefore important to make deliberate and conscious decisions and policies to invest in your employees. They are your greatest assets. Without them, your services will be poor, your processes will be truncated and your controls will fail. Train them. Spend time to mentor. Create a mentorship scheme in your company. Engage them constructively such that they keep looking forward to the next working day. We often fear losing our employees after training, yes, you will lose some but you will gain many more, because the ones you lose will be your brand ambassadors. You can have a reasonable bond arrangement if necessary. Just focus on building your human capital, you will be amazed at the results.

One of the worst languages is when an employer says ‘I can get a hundred replacements for you immediately.’ Or ‘you are of no use to me.’ If he is useless to your business, then you have failed in making him a useful asset, so your business is also useless to him! An asset will be useless if not properly used, maintained or deployed. Likewise your human capital! It is the language of an employer who is completely ignorant about factors that engender business success. The truth is you will never build a team if you reason that way, and it is your team that will build the company. So treat them right. Pay them on time. If you treat them right, they will put in more than expected. I have been there before. I saw it happened severally. Even, if your business is undergoing challenges that may affect their pay, be open and let them know. You will be surprised at the sacrifices some of them will offer to make. Employees will only sacrifice for an employer who has sacrificed for them. Don’t demand for what you have not given.

The worst thing that has happened to our economy is the plethora of businesses that have no business being in business! They keep employing people when they can’t even pay those on ground. It is morally irresponsible for you to lure someone to leave his or her former employer to join your company and then you can’t pay him or her! It is sacrilegious! There are so many businesses like this in our nation today and this is why we have broken labor force, a largely predatory labour force, ‘unhealthily’ mobile. They are afraid. They can’t trust their employers to keep to their covenants! We must stop this dangerous trend. I believe we have reached that stage where a sort of Employment Bureau should be put in place, where job seekers can check on the status of a company before joining such company. The time is ripe for it.

So please understand that life is a seed. The state of your business today, is an harvest of what you sowed. You will reap what you sow. If you invest in your employees, they will invest in your business. So, the Choice is yours!

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!



Find Your Space

As a bird that wanders from her best, so is a man that wanders from his place. (Proverbs 27:8). Your place is your space. It is that which brings out the best in you. It is where you excel the most. Whether as an individual or a business entity, we need to find our space and stay in our space. Create your niche! Stop imitation. Your business has a unique strength, find it and deploy it well. It may be in your process, expertise, location, technology, etc. Find it and use it to your advantage.

It is good to step out of Comfort zone, but do it within the confine of your space.

Watch out for a business seminar in June!


Just Before It Gets Dark

As there are twenty four hours in a day and each day ends with the night, our lives have been timed by the Almighty. Whether we like it or not, there is a night time for everyone of us. It will surely get dark for all of us. A time will come for you and I when all abilities to work would cease. Little wonder Jesus said in John 9:4, “I must work the works of Him that sent me while it is day, for the night cometh when no man can work.” Your night time will surely come. For some, it is very close while for some it is still far. The difficult thing is nobody knows his or her night time. It may come earlier than you think and it may come later than you think.

Whether it comes earlier or later, the question is ‘Are you prepared?’ Another crucial question is “Whose works are you doing?” The work of Him who sent you or the work the world has given to you? What kind of works are you doing? How will those works speak for you when it finally gets dark for you? Will your works speak well or speak ill of you? What will be said of you when you are gone? Who will stand for you? Can your spouse or children even stand for you after you have gone? The world practically stood still for Nelson Mandela when it got dark for him? Will your immediate neighborhood stand still for you?

Above all, while it is good to strive to make the world stand still for you, it is also important that you do the kind of works that will make heaven stand for you? Heaven is real. Hell is real. Don’t take those two places for granted. Run to Jesus before it gets dark for you. Acts 4:12. After all said and done, it is your work here on earth that will determine where you will spend your eternity. So, just before it gets dark, whose works are you doing?

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

Do You Love Your Country?

Where a man’s treasure is, there his heart will be also. Matthew 6:21. What you love, you give attention to. When you love your wife, you protect her, you support her, you overlook her faults and weaknesses. Same with your children or husband. When you love your job, what you are paid doesn’t matter, you just naturally want to give your best. Your heart will be with what you love. You will always strive to make the object of your love better, whether it is your kids, spouse, fiance, Job, business or house.

It is therefore disconcerting that we do things that show that we have no love for our dear nation and yet we claim to love our country. We speak ill about the country. We curse the country. We destroy the country through our actions. We litter the roads, the environment. We drive carelessly. We damage public utility. We hoard things to create artificial scarcity so that we can sell at absurd prices. We manufacture fake drugs and destroy lives. We import expired food items into our dear country. We close our eyes and conscience and vote in looters because we have been bought. When they start looting, we start complaining. We misappropriate public funds. We kill ourselves for ritual purposes. We damage the country’s image home and abroad through our nefarious activities. We sit on the fence and refuse to speak up against evil. There are too many heartless people in our nation today and not just at the top, even among the poor and downtrodden.

What constructive thing have you done about your country? There are so many things we can do to make our nation great again. You can volunteer to clean your neighborhood. You can volunteer to teach true morals and values to the kids in your neighborhood. You can report those police mounting illegal checkpoint. Don’t just look at them and keep quiet. Do something. Anytime you see evil and keep quiet, an element of evil is also planted in you. Speak about the ills in our society. Talk about it in your church, mosque, school, social gathering. Never let the voice of the Sanballats and Tobiases discourage you. Do something positive about your country.

Do you love your country? If you truly do, then get to work.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

Feed Your Mind Correctly

“Mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it, to see a better world.” – Amit Ray. All great inventions start from the mind. No wonder the Bible warns to keep your heart with all diligence, because out of it proceeds the issues of life. What and where you are today is a product of what you have fed your mind with in the past. If you want to change where you are, then change what you feed your mind with.

Your mind is like a mirror, like Amit said. It reflects what you feed it, and that is basically what determines your outlook and approach to life. You must therefore make conscious effort to begin to feed your mind correctly. If you can open up the mind of some people, all you will find is gossips, fashion, and junks. Nothing really valuable. That is why some people are just empty, without depth and have nothing valuable to offer to life.

The greatest nutrients to the mind is the word of God. Make it a daily habit to read and digest the Word. Reading biographies and autobiographies is also good. It exposes your mind to the minds of great people. Mind what you watch. If you watch porn, you will live porn. Watch documentary that will increase your knowledge base. Don’t stay glued to the TV watching movies and music. They only feed you with vanities.

We watch great men and women (I mean truly great people, not our politicians) on TV and we envy them. If you take time to find out how they became great, you will find out that they fed their mind with the right stuffs. Most great people are avid readers. They are dedicated learners, always opening up their minds to learn more. If you want to be great, it starts from your mind. They cultivate their minds like a good farmer will cultivate his farm. Start your journey to Greatness today by consciously feeding your mind with the right nutrients.

Unfortunately, we are at a point when our nation is being daily deprived of great minds. Old age and death are daily taking away those great minds. Sadly, the rate of replacement is pitiably low. Little wonder most of our Senators lack depth and can’t really offer anything constructive. A rich man does not make a rich mind. They are mostly empty minds. Ecclesiastes 10:7. Equip your mind with urgency, for it is time to arise and take your place in destiny.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

Protecting Our Foreign Image

An Indian friend of mine sent me a newspaper clip this morning. It contains news about two Nigerians who duped an Indian Judge Secretary. My heart sank as I read the entire news and wonder how many of such is happening all over the world. I keep asking myself how Nigeria sank so low to have become a major exporter of fraudsters. When did we cross into this abyss?

Growing up, I remember Nigerian Green passport being treated with respect and how we were known to be brilliant, especially those who went to study abroad. We could stand shoulder to shoulder with any national of other countries at that time. What a wonderful time in our history. I remember a senior of mine in Secondary School who was exceptionally brilliant that Russian Government gave scholarship. It pushed us to study hard as we all wanted to be like him.

Alas, suddenly ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ came and we harbored it. We harbored it to the extent that we knew those practicing it and we refused to expose them. Then, knowing they won’t be exposed, they proceeded to ‘Yahoo Plus’, then to drug peddling, then to exporting ‘runs girls’, then to child labor, kidnapping, ritual killings, etc. The list is endless. We have become an exporter of all the vices in the book. We export evil vices in order to import the products of the West. We have lost our sense of pride and dignity. Anything goes, as long as it brings money. Maybe that is why we lack the moral standing to challenge our leaders. Maybe we are a nation governed by thieves, for the thieves and of the thieves.

Just yesterday I read a beautiful satirical write up by Pius Adesanmi titled ‘Sarakius and the fate of Sodom’, it brought fresh tears to my inner eyes. So we cannot even nail one thief? Saraki is proving difficult to be nailed. Whereas in other climes, he would have resigned out of shame. But perhaps knowing we are all thieves, he feels bold to defend his position. Like Sodom, can we find ten righteous people in this nation? We are all guilty of keeping quiet and allowing all these evils to become deep rooted. It is time to start challenging anyone whose source of wealth is questionable. Be it young or old, challenge them. In the church, challenge them. In the mosque, let them account for their sudden wealth. When we all become a custodian and police of the dignity of the nation, our foreign image will be redeemed.

Remember, according to Prof. Wole Soyinka, the man died who in the midst of cries of souls in torments, refuses to act. The soul of the nation Nigeria is in deep anguish, crying for help, will you help her?

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!