• Engage in market research gathering data on customers, prospective customers, products, prices, competitors and other market indicators and pursue openings for outdoor event opportunities.

• Record and post all financial transactions into the accounting system on a daily basis.
• Update the financial records of the businesses as appropriate, including invoices, vendor accounts, fixed assets, inventory and other General Ledger accounts.

• Provide organisational and administrative support, ensuring high quality service is provided to clients.
• Ensure transactions and record aligns with company procedures

• Provide high quality service for picture editing and creative designs
• Optimize the use of editing software, tools and equipment in providing high quality photo editing service and graphics

• Make-up and gele-tying for customers
• Marketing/sales of make-up products

Benefits: Health Care Package, Pension scheme, Career Development Opportunities, Attractive annual salary and incentive.
Submission of Applications/CV: On or before Monday, 10th November, 2014
Location: Ibadan

Refer to someone or you can as well apply.


Withdrawal of Aides from Speaker Tambuwal

Keen followers of politics in Nigeria know that when elections are around the corner, a lot of intrigues and drama begin to take place. Political parties throw banter at one another and trading of criticisms get stronger. All of these are expected.

However, one thing that is not expected is the abuse and deliberate desecration of a constitutional position. You cannot withdraw the aides of the Speaker of the House of Representatives (No 4 Citizen of the nation) all because he cross-carpeted and expect calm to reign. If you have an issue with the way he cross-carpeted, deal with it in the normal way. Take him to court. But do not make a mess of the Office of the Speaker. It is sacrilegious!

Must we always wash our dirty linen in the open? Cant we play politics maturely? That Office is not about Hon. Tambuwal, it is about Nigeria. Do not repeat Amechi’s saga at the National level. Not only will posterity judge you, we will judge you at the polling booths.

What is it about this showiness?

I often wonder what our so called “Celebrities” aim to achieve by their unwarranted and sometimes completely gross showiness. Whenever one of them buys a new wristwatch you will find him or her posing with it on Instagram or Facebook or any of the other social media. For some it is vehicles, for some it is a new shoe. For some it is even their bodies (grossly tattooed).

My question is who cares what you buy or do with your body? We don’t need you to show us what you just bought. We need you to show the world how much you care by investing in humanity. Enough of this crassness. Let us be matured. While this is not just a black man affair, sometimes you find white doing this also. I can mention a few names among them. When you are blessed in anyway, your being blessed is to help humanity and make this world better. Help the homeless. Reach out to the poor and destitute. Find a good cause and invest yourself in it.

Enough of the showiness. Who cares whether you just bought a Rolex or G-Wagon! Grow up please!

Has President Jonathan Performed?

I have heard some quarters said President Jonathan has performed and done well in the last four years considering the facts on ground. I have also heard some quarters condemning him that he has been the worst President Nigeria ever had. We all have our different opinions and we are entitled to our opinions.

But may I ask you friends, what is your own view of President G.E.J? Does he deserve a second term?

Keshi’s Sack – Wrong Timing

Now that NFF has sacked Keshi midway to qualification, can Amodu Shuaibu achieve anything in the last two games? Can he put a solid team together? It seems poor decision making always tag along with NFF. Keshi should either have been sacked after world cup or left to complete this qualification pursuit.
Again, personally I do not think Amodu can do anything different, we are just recycling the same set of skilled and maybe seasoned coaches but who lack technical prowess to read, analyze and outsmart the opponent coach from the bench. All our coaches need is to understudy some of the Champion League coaches for a year or so.
Do we have the humility of kind to do this? I doubt it.

Pursuit of Power

There are many people in our corporate world and even at the national level that are hungry for power and will do everything to get to position of power yet without the essentials qualities and skills required to make a success of the position. This seems to be our bane as a nation.
Until we elevate altruism above self aggrandizement and selfish interest, Nigeria and the Nigerian businesses will continue to struggle and continue to record the dismal performance we have been having since the exit of the likes of Zik, Awolowo, and Tafawa Balewa.
Power is not good in itself. It is only good to the extent that the holder uses it to transform and impact as many people, communities, states and nations as possible. Stop power pursuit for selfish purpose, it will only destroy you.