Dressed To Cover or Expose?

As primitive as we would consider Adam and Eve, the moment they ate the forbidden fruit, they suddenly realized they were naked. They both felt ashamed of each other, even when they were just two and felt awkward seeing their nakedness. God, also realising their nakedness had to make the first garment to cover them, made from animal skin.

This clearly shows that nakedness is abnormal. Our body is designed to be covered. Recent trends in our world today, however shows that a lot of people are tending toward nakedness. It has become a serious source of concern within both sexes, as it appears that the ladies are striving to outdo the guys in exposing their bodies. Albeit, it is worse among the women folk. It appears the intention now is to dress to expose the body as against the norm of dressing to cover the body.

One of the early signs of knowing when someone is beginning to develop mental disorder is his tendency to go out either half dressed or naked. Immediately, you see such you will know something is wrong. If this is still symptomatic of madness, then many of our ladies have gone mad and many are joining them on daily basis! How do you explain someone wearing a Jean pant that is torn such that the whole laps are exposed and she attends a function or photoshoot dressed as such? Is this true fashion or madness in disguise? Why then do you dress if the intention is to expose your body, especially the parts considered private?

Alarmingly, some ‘mothers’ dress their little girls up in this same manner. Adorning them with skimpy skirts and tattered jeans. God, have mercy on our generation! I will not bother to talk about the many implications of such dresses, as we already know some of them. Maybe, it is time to come up with strong legislations to discourage this worrisome trend.

So I am asking you this morning, are you dressed to cover your body or to expose it? If the intention is to expose, why not come out naked so we can quickly attend to your growing madness.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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