Guides to Choosing Your Team (1)

In most cases, the success of any venture whether commercial or non-commercial depends largely on the make-up of the team behind the venture. Most successes are the results of combined efforts, not one individual effort. For instance, one footballer may emerge as the highest goal scorer in a game, but without the support of other members of the team, he would not have scored those goals.


It is therefore important to consider several factors when forming or making your team. This series will look at some of the factors to be considered and the pitfalls to watch out for. My hope is that we would learn how to choose team, or how to make our teams stronger by the time we are done with this series.


Here are some of the factors to be considered when forming your team:


a. Vision factor

b. Skill factor

c. Market factor

d. Personality factor

e. Cultural factor

f. Language factor


Let us start with the Vision factor. Vision determines almost everything about a venture. It determines the scope, the resources required, both human and non-human, the time frame, the linkages that will be needed. Anyone who intends to set out to achieve a mission must first sit down and draw up the vision. Luke 14:28 is not just about cost, it is about the vision.


Your vision will determine the kind of people you need in your team, their skill sets, their temperaments, their dispositions, etc. Let us look at the example of Jesus Christ when he was selecting the first twelve disciples. He chose people who were busy, engaged, rugged and determined. Peter for instance had toiled all night and caught nothing, but still had enough faith to wash his net in preparation for the next night. He also still had enough faith to trust Jesus when Jesus asked him to thrust out his net again, this time around when the day had broken. He was very hardworking. Jesus knew the vision of reaching the entire world, and knew he needed energetic people as the first disciples. People who had enough energy to rock the world. Mathew was also a tax collector and a busy man. None of this team members was a layabout. If your vision is big and with a global mandate, you need very strong, resilient and broad minded people.


Do not start forming your team when you have no clear vision yet, otherwise you will have the wrong people on your team. We will dig further on Vision factor tomorrow, before we proceed to the other factors.


God bless us all.


Good morning!


Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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