Relationships that Matter (4)

As we approach the end of this series, we will consider another relationship that you must not toy with. Remember our premise for this series is that you can’t make it alone. You need people to reach your full potential. Keeping the right relationships is therefore a key imperative for fulfilling purpose.

As a self employed person, your relationship with your clients is very important. The saying ‘Customer is the king’ is not just a cliché, it is a truism. It remains true always. You must nurture your relationship with your customers so that you can retain them and get referrals through them.

Customers have choices, there are other competitors that can offer the same product or service you are offering. You need your customers more than they need you, hence your product/service offerings, accessibility, pricing, channels, and promotions must be cognizant of the needs of your customers. No matter how big your business may have grown, remain small for your customers to have access to you. One of the reasons why companies fail is growing so big to the extent of losing touch with market realities.

Always engage your customers through regular feedback, customers forum, and market survey. Be interested in your customers well being. Birthday wishes, thank you notes, promos and discounts, all go a long way to keep your customers or clients. Design your business in such a way that you get some personal details of your customers. It always works, especially when matched with great product or service.

Above all, ensure that what your product or service offering exceeds the price they pay for it. Value must always exceed price, if you are to retain your customers. You must take time to determine the value expectations and value perceptions of your clients. Sometimes what we regard as value offering is different from the customer’s value perception. You must always bridge the gap between value offering and value expectations/perceptions.

Regardless of the size of your business, you can grow it further or cause it to shrink, depending on how you treat your customers. Treat them like Kings and you will get them always coming back.

God bless us all.

Good morning!


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