Guide to Choosing Your Team (2)

Every vision requires people to become reality, however you can’t choose those people based on sentiments. You choice has to be objective and be based on several factors including affinity of vision. People who have vision similar to your vision will likely be willing to work with you and they will work with passion. People of no vision usually lack passion, they are mostly driven by monetary rewards. Having them on your team may not help you because they wont see beyond the immediate returns.

So apart from your own vision, you need to be sure the people you are selecting have visions and the visions are not diametrically opposite yours.


2. Skill Factor: You don’t want to have square peg in round holes in your venture. It is necessary you test those you want to include in your team for requisite skills. There are several ways to do this including interview, aptitude test, psychometric test, case studies, etc. Beyond technical skills, you need to test for some soft skills like relationship management skill, communication skill, how well can they cope under stress, and other skills can directly impact on the success of the venture.


You are not testing to completely exclude some people. Some have basic knowledge and skills and have a ‘willing to learn’ attitude. Depending on the stage of your venture and availability of time, you can take on those with the attitude to learn and basic skills. Some have the core skills and can be engaged, subject to scaling attitude hurdle.


In summary, skill factor is important and will help you have the right kind of people on your team. Don’t undermine the success of your venture by allowing emotions to rule your judgement when selecting your team. If someone doesn’t have it, the next question is can he be trained? If No, there is no need being emotional, even if you like the personality of the candidate, unless there is another area the candidate can be engaged.


God bless us all.


Good morning!


Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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