Managing Crisis

Life is programmed such that we will need always experience challenging times. Sometimes it is in our personal lives, other times it is in our career, some other times it is in our businesses. I mean, that period of crisis that threatens to consume us and makes us to start fearing the worst. Nobody is immuned to crisis. Life chart is like a wave of water, with crests and troughs at different points. The crests represent our moments of great achievement while the troughs represent those moments of crises.

How do you handle moments of crisis?
1. Know that every crisis like every other thing has a life cycle. It has a beginning and it will surely end someday.

2. Maintain your peace, composure and sanity of mind. Don’t allow fear to crowd out your senses. Knowing that crisis has an end should give you some peace and sanity of mind.

3. Be proactive in information management. One of the things that kill a business faster than the crisis itself is poor information management. Take charge of the information management process. Don’t let market react based on grapevine news. Hold a press conference or meet with stakeholders to let them know what the issues are and the steps you are taking to address the issues. Be opened to your staff also, let them understand the situation, but let them know you are handling the situation.

4. Take decisive actions where necessary. Don’t delay or procrastinate on important and urgent actions. You don’t leave a cancerous cell to fester and affect other part of the body. If there is a need to disengage any erring member of your team or a product line, do so quickly and communicate the disengagement properly.

5. Have a crisis and disaster management plan in place. Don’t wait for the evil day. Plan for the evil day. Your disaster recovery and management system should immediately be operational in crisis moments.

6. Watch out for new opportunities in the crisis. Crises sometimes present us with a new set of opportunities that were hitherto hidden to us. You could discover a new product line, new service type or new market in crisis, that is why you need to maintain your calmness.

If you wait it out, it will pass and you will be stronger and better. It will surely pass.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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