Are You Living?

It will surprise many to know that they are not living. Most people are just dragging through life and counting days. Most employees have become like automated machines daily dispensing their duties in a monotonous manner without any emotion attached. If you wake up every morning angry at where you are about to resume for work, then you are not living.

Living means finding and doing what you are made for. Doing what you enjoy and enjoying what you do. As a matter of fact, whether you are paid or not, you just don’t want to stop doing it. That is what is called Living! It means emptying your heart into a purpose. It means passionately pursuing your God given purpose. And you know what? Naturally, purpose attracts wealth!

Many of us have become victims of our dependants. We feel obliged to be responsible for our brothers, sisters and parents and so we take up jobs we are not cut out for, only to earn wages that will never make us happy. Nothing wrong in being responsible, but you will be more responsible and happier in the place of purpose. 6 digits salaries will never amount to fulfillment! Even if you are earning millions every month doing what you are not cut for, you won’t still be fulfilled. Your fulfillment can only come from the pursuit of purpose, because it is only therein you can truly impact lives.

I challenge you this morning to find your purpose. Start living!

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

You Can Make a Difference

We are often led to believe that our little acts of kindness and love do not count and that nobody notices. In actual sense, they count. Someone is noticing and being impacted. So don’t stop being good, the world needs more of good than evil.

The reason why evil seems to be growing in the land is because good men are keeping quiet. They watch while the evil continues to perpetuate their wickedness. The danger in that is that one day, we will be consumed by the same evil we condone.

It is time we began to speak out against all evils. Speak against jungle justice. If someone has stolen or caught doing anything evil, you have no right to strip that person naked or mob or kill, otherwise you are more evil. Hand them over to law enforcement agencies and ensure justice is done. Even God covered the nakedness of Adam and Eve when they discovered they were naked. There is something called human dignity. Let us respect it.

Don’t accommodate murderers in your environment. Expose them. Discourage those who damage public properties at the slightest provocation, whether in the street or campuses, they are all the same. Being good is not just doing good but speaking against evil too.

So it is time to start doing good and I tell you that you can make a difference.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa.

Stay Hungry! Stay Foolish!

Nothing is static in life. Even inanimate objects change over time. Nature changes! Time changes! Season changes! 

We had the Stone Age, then the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Jet Age and now Digital Age. For each of these ages, men kept looking for better ways to do things. It was the result of their search that gave birth to each age. Soon the digital age will become history.

You cannot keep carrying out an activity in the same way and expect a different result. That will be foolishness! You must constantly find better ways of achieving better results. Never assume a ‘know it all attitude’. Stay hungry for new information. Search! Read! Enquire! Probe! Never accept things on their face value! 

One of the major reasons why some countries are called Developed Economies (DE) and some others, Less Developed Economies (LDE) is their degree or propensity to search or research. LDEs are largely contented, laid back and keep looking forward to new inventions from the DEs. It is time to reverse that order. Our governments must create a conducive environment for research and innovation, if we are to catch up with the DEs. 

At the individual level, what is your innovate factor? How hungry are you for change? Have you suddenly become second rated in your place of work? Has your business suddenly lost its position in the market and you are wondering why? Check your innovate factor! 

After being acquired by Microsoft, Nokia CEO said in tears, “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow we lost.” Not doing anything wrong in itself is one of the greatest reasons for failure. It simply means you are not trying anything new. ‘No risk No venture’ goes the popular maxim. 

It is time for us as a people and as a nation to wake up and put on our thinking caps. It is time for us to become hungry and foolish for new inventions. Never think that that salary will keep coming for ever. Never assume that business will continue the upward trend by just doing things the same way, otherwise you are in for a rude shock! Get out of that sleeping mode! Nigeria has slept long enough, living on oil proceeds. Africa has slept long enough, fighting ethnic matters and corruption. 

Nigeria Arise! Africa Arise! 

Choose to accept God’s gift to humanity, ability to think and decide. 

God bless us all! 

Good morning.

Are you a builder or a destroyer?

Does your words build people up or tear them down? Are you in the habit of condemning efforts, honest intentions and noble causes? You just don’t see anything good in anything done by anybody? If Yes, then you are a destroyer and you can’t get far in life because the law of cause and effect or seedtime and harvest will always work.

Cultivate the habit of encouraging people. Try to build with your words. Avoid words that can incite people against one another. Don’t be part of those who pull down other people’s lives or businesses through malicious gossips and falsehood. You will reap what you sow. We all have our pasts so why bring up somebody’s past. Leave his or her past to God except if you owe it to public good to speak about that person’s past.

We all have a responsibility to rebuild our nation. It is not a hopeless situation. If we jointly discourage destructive tendencies like abuse of public position, living beyond one’s means, inciting people to destroy public health, our nation will become better.

Be a builder and not a destroyer.

God bless you and God bless Nigeria.
Good morning.