You Can Make a Difference

We are often led to believe that our little acts of kindness and love do not count and that nobody notices. In actual sense, they count. Someone is noticing and being impacted. So don’t stop being good, the world needs more of good than evil.

The reason why evil seems to be growing in the land is because good men are keeping quiet. They watch while the evil continues to perpetuate their wickedness. The danger in that is that one day, we will be consumed by the same evil we condone.

It is time we began to speak out against all evils. Speak against jungle justice. If someone has stolen or caught doing anything evil, you have no right to strip that person naked or mob or kill, otherwise you are more evil. Hand them over to law enforcement agencies and ensure justice is done. Even God covered the nakedness of Adam and Eve when they discovered they were naked. There is something called human dignity. Let us respect it.

Don’t accommodate murderers in your environment. Expose them. Discourage those who damage public properties at the slightest provocation, whether in the street or campuses, they are all the same. Being good is not just doing good but speaking against evil too.

So it is time to start doing good and I tell you that you can make a difference.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa.

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