Stay Hungry! Stay Foolish!

Nothing is static in life. Even inanimate objects change over time. Nature changes! Time changes! Season changes! 

We had the Stone Age, then the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Jet Age and now Digital Age. For each of these ages, men kept looking for better ways to do things. It was the result of their search that gave birth to each age. Soon the digital age will become history.

You cannot keep carrying out an activity in the same way and expect a different result. That will be foolishness! You must constantly find better ways of achieving better results. Never assume a ‘know it all attitude’. Stay hungry for new information. Search! Read! Enquire! Probe! Never accept things on their face value! 

One of the major reasons why some countries are called Developed Economies (DE) and some others, Less Developed Economies (LDE) is their degree or propensity to search or research. LDEs are largely contented, laid back and keep looking forward to new inventions from the DEs. It is time to reverse that order. Our governments must create a conducive environment for research and innovation, if we are to catch up with the DEs. 

At the individual level, what is your innovate factor? How hungry are you for change? Have you suddenly become second rated in your place of work? Has your business suddenly lost its position in the market and you are wondering why? Check your innovate factor! 

After being acquired by Microsoft, Nokia CEO said in tears, “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow we lost.” Not doing anything wrong in itself is one of the greatest reasons for failure. It simply means you are not trying anything new. ‘No risk No venture’ goes the popular maxim. 

It is time for us as a people and as a nation to wake up and put on our thinking caps. It is time for us to become hungry and foolish for new inventions. Never think that that salary will keep coming for ever. Never assume that business will continue the upward trend by just doing things the same way, otherwise you are in for a rude shock! Get out of that sleeping mode! Nigeria has slept long enough, living on oil proceeds. Africa has slept long enough, fighting ethnic matters and corruption. 

Nigeria Arise! Africa Arise! 

Choose to accept God’s gift to humanity, ability to think and decide. 

God bless us all! 

Good morning.

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