Are You Living?

It will surprise many to know that they are not living. Most people are just dragging through life and counting days. Most employees have become like automated machines daily dispensing their duties in a monotonous manner without any emotion attached. If you wake up every morning angry at where you are about to resume for work, then you are not living.

Living means finding and doing what you are made for. Doing what you enjoy and enjoying what you do. As a matter of fact, whether you are paid or not, you just don’t want to stop doing it. That is what is called Living! It means emptying your heart into a purpose. It means passionately pursuing your God given purpose. And you know what? Naturally, purpose attracts wealth!

Many of us have become victims of our dependants. We feel obliged to be responsible for our brothers, sisters and parents and so we take up jobs we are not cut out for, only to earn wages that will never make us happy. Nothing wrong in being responsible, but you will be more responsible and happier in the place of purpose. 6 digits salaries will never amount to fulfillment! Even if you are earning millions every month doing what you are not cut for, you won’t still be fulfilled. Your fulfillment can only come from the pursuit of purpose, because it is only therein you can truly impact lives.

I challenge you this morning to find your purpose. Start living!

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

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