Are you a builder or a destroyer?

Does your words build people up or tear them down? Are you in the habit of condemning efforts, honest intentions and noble causes? You just don’t see anything good in anything done by anybody? If Yes, then you are a destroyer and you can’t get far in life because the law of cause and effect or seedtime and harvest will always work.

Cultivate the habit of encouraging people. Try to build with your words. Avoid words that can incite people against one another. Don’t be part of those who pull down other people’s lives or businesses through malicious gossips and falsehood. You will reap what you sow. We all have our pasts so why bring up somebody’s past. Leave his or her past to God except if you owe it to public good to speak about that person’s past.

We all have a responsibility to rebuild our nation. It is not a hopeless situation. If we jointly discourage destructive tendencies like abuse of public position, living beyond one’s means, inciting people to destroy public health, our nation will become better.

Be a builder and not a destroyer.

God bless you and God bless Nigeria.
Good morning.

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