Parenting (6)

The role of providing can be described as one of the most important roles of a father. This role defines a Man and enunciates the importance of fathers in our society.

The father is primarily responsible for providing for the financial and material needs of the family. Providing for the wife and children is a man most important duty. In fact, the bible describe a Man that fails to provide for his family as worse than infidel. An infidel is an unbeliever, and infidels rarely enjoy special privileges from God. It means a man who refuses to provide for his family will not enjoy the favour of God.

The reason why God frowns at such person is because, the man is responsible for making a woman leave the comfort of her parent’s home to adopt him as her new father and husband. In the same vein, the man is responsible for putting her in family way, and also for bringing the children into the world.

Why would a Man then shirk his responsibility of providing for his family? God blesses every man making effort to meet the family’s need.

Some men have left this duty to their wives and even children, leading the children into wayward lifestyle, while such men even demand from their children. This is totally unacceptable in God’s sight and it is a social misnomer. Some of the prostitutes and young men involved in fraudulent activities are products of irresponsible fathers. This is the more reason fathers must understand their roles and play them well.

If you are a father, you need to understand that your success or failure as a father has significant impact on our society. If you raise good children, the society will be better off, and if otherwise, the society will be the victim.

We will round up on the roles of a father next week and start looking at the roles of a mother. My charge to all fathers is to ensure we raise great children.

Adewumi Oni



Instagram: onadol

Twitter: @DewumiOni


2 thoughts on “Parenting (6)

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series on Parenting. Indeed, I have benefited immensely from the insight on the role of fathers. I recommend that all men read the series. God bless our Bro. Wumi Oni.


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