Parenting (5)

In the past three weeks, we have been discussing the roles of a father in parenting. Never has our society needed true and genuine fathers than now. Our nation is in dire need of role models, leaders who can lead the nation to greater heights, leaders who can guide our youths on the right path and leaders who can shape the destinies of our toddlers and teenagers.

Hence discussing about fathers for this long is not out of place. While mothers are caring and can easily provide emotional support, fathers are the ones who instil discipline in the children. Children tend to fear and obey fathers more than they do for mothers. Fathers are firm and tend to assert authority, which help to keep children in track.

When fathers leave this role to mothers, the children tend to go astray, stretching the capabilities of mothers. This is why most men raised by single mothers tend to either be too soft or too hard, depending on which of the extremes their mothers bent towards.

In the same vein, fathers carry a sense of justice and are able to judge rightly without being emotionally biased. Although this sense of justice can sometimes be influenced by financial inducements or sexual enticements from the opposite sex, which is where women are sometimes better.

In parenting, children always look up to fathers to judge fairly. When fathers fail in this role, children are likely to grow up with trust issues, and always looking for ways to buy justice. This is the more reason fathers must demonstrate equity, fairness and justice when dealing with their children. The impression we create in children can have either positive or negative impact on their character.

Fathers are also looked up to for protection. They are meant to provide protection against physical assault, emotional and psychological abuse, as well as security for the family. There is a sense of security that children have when their fathers are around. Absence of a father figure can sometimes cause insecurity in the children. Abusive fathers can also damage the psyche of the children and mother, setting into motion a cycle of bitterness and abuse.

We will continue on the subject next week. Enjoy your week.

Adewumi Oni



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One thought on “Parenting (5)

  1. A single parent like me have to double the efforts in taking total parental care of my daughters. Though it is not an easy job. It requires total supervision and with God assistance. The result is positive


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