Parenting (7)

Apologies for my absence last week, I had a very hectic weekend/Monday and could not get down to write. All things being equal, we will round up this series this year before I take a break.

Concluding on the role of the father, one other major role of a father is to provide leadership.

To lead means to chart path for others to follow. Leaders are best known for their actions and not what they say. Leaders set examples for others to follow, likewise fathers lead their children by the examples they set.

No matter how much you advise or counsel your children, they will follow more of what you do than what you say. It is far easier to lead with examples than to try to coerce children to obey. Fathers who curse or yell at others will likely raise abusive children.

Fathers’ leadership role is not only for the children but for the entire family. Fathers take initiatives. Just like the head determines where the body will go, fathers determine what becomes of their families.

If your family is not what you want it to be, you are probably failing in one area or the other as a father, because the buck stops at your table.

Lead your children with good examples. Lead in words and match it with your deeds. Lead them to excel by making effort to excel at whatever you do. Lead them by walking with them in their turbulent teenage years. If you are not there during their teenage,you would have missed a great opportunity to forge them into strong characters.

Do not be a father figure only, be a father indeed! Fathers do the grunt work, they are the executors. Be involved with your children.

Next week, we will discuss the roles of mothers and then look at Single Parenting and the pitfalls to avoid in marriage.

Happy New Month and welcome to the Yuletide Season.

Adewumi Oni



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