Parenting (4)

My sincere apologies for missing last week broadcast, I had a very busy schedule. We will continue on the sub-topic of ‘Who is a father?’

We have discussed the role of a father as the male parent, as a nurturer, as a role model, and as a guide. This week we will consider a father as an influencer and shaper of character.

As an influencer, fathers have huge influence on their children, especially male children. Most boys emulate their fathers in almost everything, dressing, walking, and even mannerisms.

The habits, actions and tendencies of the fathers tend to influence their children and may shape their lives unless strong peer influence either affirms or changes these behaviours. Children tend to know their parents better and are quick to point out contradictions between what parents teach and practice.

It is therefore important that what fathers teach aligns with their practice. There are many grown up adults who have become women abusers due to the influence of their fathers. Fathers who truly desire a better future for their children and the society at large will therefore be careful with their lives and the kind of image they project for their children to mirror.

Fathers also shape character in the same vein. Fathers’ influence on children shape their character and determine their destiny. For female children, they usually weigh their male friends on the scale of comparability with their father. They want every man to be more like their father, especially when the relationship with their father is close.

So fathers have a lot of work cut out for them especially in ensuring we pass the right values to our children through the way we live. We will continue our exploration on the role of fathers in parenting next week.

Till then, have a great week ahead.

Adewumi Oni



Instagram: onadol

Twitter: @DewumiOni


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