The Man (3)

Last week, we looked at three key words from the definitions of the word ‘responsibility’,  and these are duty,  accountability and moral obligations. 

Let us examine each of these closely. 

Duty: The man has a duty to tend to his garden. His Garden includes his immediate family, his community, his nation, his job or business. As a man, you have the duty to provide for the needs of your family. These needs include financial, spiritual, moral, psychological, amongst others. Don’t raise children you cannot provide for. There are too many people lacking fatherly touch, and this directly reflects in their behaviors. 

As a matter of fact, many fathers are living off their children, leaving them to fend for themselves and sometimes expecting the children to even pay bills in the house. This is so irresponsible, and accounts for why many young people are after money by all means, engaging in ritual killings, drug peddling and other vices!
Train your children well. Provide fatherly support. Spend quality time with them. Don’t let your career or business pursuit steal your time with your children. The best investment you can give your children is to spend quality time moulding them. 

You must also ensure you take care of your environment. Some men mess up their environment and expect the government to come and fix their mess. You cannot be dumping refuse in the drainage and not expect flood to overrun your house during heavy rainfall. Take care of your immediate environ. If we all play our duty in keeping our environment clean, we will all have less environmental challenges. 

You must play your duty to the government and nation. Stop tearing down other tribes. The same blood runs in our veins, regardless of where you come from. Be a nation builder and not a nation destroyer. Find ways to contribute to the nation’s development. Speak well of your nation. Be a good ambassador of your country. You are either building or tearing down. Be a builder! 

Have a great week ahead and stay responsible. 

Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010


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