The Man (4)

First my apologies for the break in this series last week, it was due to some pressing engagements.

I also wish my fellow countrymen and women a Happy Independence. At 57, Nigeria may not be where it is meant to be, but we have left where we used to be and our chances of getting to the desired destination depends on all of us. Yes it depends on You and I. It depends on how ready we are to become accountable.

Accountability is a major prerequisite for success or fulfiling destiny for everyone. Accountability, according to Business Dictionary is the “obligation of an individual or organization to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner.” In other words, it is stewardship, it is accepting responsibility for one’s actions and consequences, as well as prompt disclosure.

This is perhaps the toughest call on a man, because it requires a lot of sense of submission, humility, self-discipline and integrity. Naturally, men like being in charge, being independent and not having to give account. This is however a sure recipe for disaster. This is the trap most leaders fall into, turning them into dictators and tyrants. 

As a man, you must hold yourself accountable to someone, it may be your mentor, father, religious leader or even God. You must be willing to let someone who is in a higher position put your actions under scrutiny. The moment we all start being accountable, our lives will become more cleaner and this will translate to a better society.

In the same vein, accepting responsibility is another tough call. Every man hates being found wanting, but there is no way that won’t happen from time to time. When it happens, rather than looking for who to blame, you should accept the blame and pick the lessons from the experience. We fall repeatedly when we fail to accept responsibility for our actions.

Be humble enough to share your experience. Sharing your failure experience doesn’t make you weak, it helps to reinforce your resolve not to make the same mistake again. It also helps others not to fall into the same error. Don’t bother yourself about what people will say, be more concerned about what impact your disclosure will have on humanity.

The whole essence of man is in being responsible. Stephen Covey said “Accountability breeds Response-ability”. You can’t be responsible without being accountable. 

At the heart of our problems as a nation is the absence of men of responsibility who are willing to be held accountable. Start being accountable in your own little world.

Have a great week!

Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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