The Man (2)

Beyond being the male gender of the homo sapiens specie, a man is a male who attained the age of accepting and taking on responsibilities. In most countries, the age 18 is assumed to be the age when a person ceases to be a minor. A minor can be excused for his or her actions.

If you have attained the age of 18, you have become a man and will be held liable for your actions, especially before the law. It is therefore important that you act consciously and always think of the implications of yours actions and inactions. 

 It is however unfortunate that a lot of people in the male gender who have crossed the age of minor still act like Minors. This is perhaps one of the reasons for the many ills in our society today. The scripture says ‘woe unto that city whose prince is a child’. A Yoruba adage also says ‘you can’t have elders in the market and have newborn baby’s head wrongly positioned.’

The role of a man in any society is largely that of responsibility. A man is someone who is responsible. Responsible for himself, responsible for others, responsible for his environment and even nature around him, all of which make up his Garden. 

Let us quickly look at the word ‘Responsibility’. An online definition says the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone. Or the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something. Or a moral obligation to behave correctly towards or in respect of. 

In all of these definitions there are three keywords we will examine closely. They are duty, accountable, and moral obligation. We will dwell largely on these words in the next series. 

Stay responsible and have a splendid week ahead. 
Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010


4 thoughts on “The Man (2)

  1. I recommend that all men read this series and act on them. Also, all parents should read to grow their children, especially, teenagers into adulthood. With all thy getting, please get deep understanding on whom you are as Man. Kudos to Wumi on this insight. More Grace, more grease.


  2. Adewumi is a young man with deep insight and a highly inspirational writer&speaker with proven character&solid integrity.
    I therefore highly recommend we read&listen to him because he sure has value to add to us as a global citizen of the 21st century global knowledge village.GBN.


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