It’s All About Perception (1)

I got this inspiration while listening to a radio station and I think it is worth sharing. Almost everything in life is all about perception. Someone can perceive a half-full glass as half-empty. While someone perceives a place as a wild life reserve, some people may perceive it as a dangerous forest. Isn’t it funny that the most dreaded Sambisa forest is now being considered as an Arms training field? Most problems are not problems, they are actually opportunities, what makes them look like problems is your perception. 

To start with, what is perception? Perception is the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. It is the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted. Meaning perception is your view of things, persons, or events. Your view can be influenced by your background, upbringing, experience, knowledge and even taste. 

Sometimes we feel like something is wrong with our health and when we go for check up, the doctor may not find anything wrong, but because the doctor understands that if we leave without any treatment, we will return with a worse feeling. At such times, doctors prescribe some harmless drug to satisfy our concerns and immediately we start feeling well even before starting the medications. This is called Placebo effect. The real problem is the belief that we are ill, there may be no illness. 
There are also cases where we feel befuddled with so many challenges. It would appear at such times like everything is working against us. We conclude that life is not fair, and then we seek counsel or share our burdens with some other and after receiving counsel or comforting words, we start to feel better, even when the challenges have not been addressed. 
In these two examples, you will observed that the only thing that changed is the way we view the perceived challenge. Doctor has given us medication, so we will get better (perception). We have been counselled, so solutions will come (perception). It is therefore important that we understand how perception affects our choices, actions, reactions and relationships, with the ultimate goals of living a healthier life with all, changing our national psyche and mindsets positively. 
I will enjoin you to come along with me as we explore ‘Perception’  in this series. 
Wishing you a Happy Easter and pleasurable moments with all yours. 


Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010 


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