Do What Matters

We often run the risk of getting overwhelmed with a lot of activities such that we end up frustrated because we seem not to be making impact or producing desired report. You can do a lot of things at work and still not score well during appraisal. You can be all over the place in your business and still record loss. You can be the most active person in your social or religious circle and still feel a sense of not being fulfilled. 
If you  are to overcome this challenge, you must learn the art of separating and doing the things that matter from the lump of activities. You must learn to differentiate these four activity types :

1. Important and Urgent

2. Important but not urgent

3. Urgent but not important 

4. Not important and not urgent

Give more of your time to those activities that are important and urgent. If it is important but not urgent, schedule a time for it, don’t make it your first priority. If it is urgent but not important, try delegating it,  where possible. Never waste your time on matters that are not urgent nor important. 
Also identify activities that will produce the most result or that will have the most impact and focus more on them. Learn to also know how to sometimes say ‘No’ to some tasks that are not yours. 
Define your days by setting daily agenda and evaluate yourself at the end of each day. Remember that what will count at the end of the day is what matters. 
Have a great day and stay on top. 
Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010


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