It’s All About Perception (2)

One of the areas where perception has great influence is in relationships. Many have suffered undeserved criticisms because they were misunderstood or their intentions were read wrongly. Many ‘would-have-been great partnerships’ have hit the rocks because of mistrust. 
Let us look at how Perception can help in a few relationships, the first being marriage relationship. 
Marriage is the union of two different people coming from different backgrounds, with different views about life and different tastes. This is one of the reasons why couples disagree over both petty and important matters. Having the right perception on how your spouse feels about an issue and why your spouse feels so, will help you to gauge your reaction correctly. Knowing the why and how is key to having right perception. 

Right perception comes by exchanging lens or placing yourself in the position of your spouse and asking how you would act if you were in your spouse’s position. You must be able to understand the point of view of your partner or spouse before taking any position. When both partners are willing to do this, lives will become easier for both. 
For instance, if your wife is from a wealthy background and you struggled to get to where you are, her taste and wants may come across to you as expensive and you may start seeing her as a demanding woman. It will be wrong to come to such conclusions. Her perception is based on the way she grew up, yours is based on how you grew up, both of you have to reach a middle ground on most matters. 
A man that was raised by a single parent will likely take decisions alone. If you marry such a man, you must be prepared to patiently work on him to start carrying you along in decision making. He doesn’t disregard you, he is only acting to type. He can’t change overnight, so you must see him (perceive) in the correct light. 
Having the right perception is one of the keys to having healthier relationships. We will examine other relationships as we progress in this series. 
Happy Easter Monday! 
Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010 


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