Grace Over Effort

In every story of success there is the place of effort. Effort is the contribution of man to his own success story. However not all efforts will lead to success because some efforts are channeled towards the wrong end. Some efforts will also not meet with opportunities. While some efforts are not backed up with the right motives. 
Effort is good and should be expended in every endeavours, but there is a superior way, the way of Grace. Grace is the contribution of divinity to humanity’s efforts. It is that which magnifies a man’s effort so much that what seems like a big deal for others look likes a walkover for another. It is a when gift and diligence meet. Gift is divine and diligence is human. 
When you apply effort to that which comes to you with ease, it becomes grace and you will have astounding result. Diligence alone can only take you as far as your strength can go. Grace will take you as far as you can imagine. 
Find your grace and find Grace. 
Great week ahead. Cheers! 

Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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