Vanities of Life

It is amazing how many of us exert a lot of energy and put ourselves under so much pressure over vanities of life. I mean people kill themselves over plain vanities. I see people struggling to outdo themselves in who has the best wardrobe, who wears the most expensive wristwatches, the most expensive phone, the most expensive car, the biggest mansion, the list goes on. 
You cannot amount to anything acquiring everything to yourself. Your life is not measured by how much you possess financially or materially or even intellectually. A man’s life consists not in the abundance of the things he possesses. Your true worth is in the depth and reach of your influence on others. How many lives have been touched positively by you? Who have you affected positively either directly or indirectly? This is the real essence of life. 

Whenever I read about the latest acquisitions of some fancy luxuries by some of our leaders, I often wonder if they understand life at all. When the leveller eventually levels you to ground zero, you will only be remembered by your good deeds. I am not advocating for a cheap life, no, you should aim to live a rich life, but a rich life is not in wealth alone, it is in the use of that wealth for the improvement of humanity. 

Vanity is when you place materiality above the interest of humanity. 

Check your life today, are you on the vanity run? 
Good morning and have a great day. 

Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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