The Road to Damascus (3)

The Road to Damascus can also be seen as a Process, a transformational process. When you take anyone or anything through a process, you always have a transformed product, whether positive or negative. 
Moses was raised in the King’s palace and treated like Pharaoh’s son. As a matter of fact, he grew up believing he was meant to be the liberator of Israel. He was cockish and short tempered. In a bid to defend an Israelite, he killed an Egyptian and buried him, but it became a public knowledge. This led to his exile from Egypt and to Jethro’s house. He forfeited all his princely privileges and became a shepherd,living with his father-in-law.

It was after Moses was emptied of all his kingly ambition at the back of the wilderness after a period of forty years, that the Lord appeared to him in a burning bush experience. At that point, the one who was so willing to be the leader over Israel had become so humbled that he became reluctant to take on the position of leadership. He came up with several excuses not to go back to Egypt. He had come to realisation of the fact that he could not do anything relying on his own strength. The man who attended the best schools in the land suddenly became afraid of the task he murdered for. What a transformation! 
Have you suddenly become less confident about something you once believed you were cut out for, you may have been through the Road to Damascus. Maybe you have experienced some failures and you have lost confidence in yourself, yet some people are calling you to a similar assignment at a much higher level, you need not be afraid, God allowed those experience so that you can understand that you are insufficient of and by your own self, but in Him, you are complete. 
Just as Moses the stammerer succeeded in leading Israel out of captivity, you will succeed too by the Grace of God. The Road to Damascus transforms the self-sufficient to become God-reliant. 
Until we meet again in the next part of this series, stay blessed. 

Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010


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