The Road to Damascus (4)

In this part of the series we will be looking at signs of the road to Damascus. The signs vary from person to person and from circumstance to circumstance, but the end result is a state of brokenness and total surrender to the will of God. 
But before we proceed, it is important to say that not everyone will be privileged to travel down this road, and not everyone who travel on the Road to Damascus will end the journey with the desired results. Damascus experience is for the elected, the predestined and those who have found God’s mercy. Does this mean you have no part to play? Yes you do, your role is to submit to His will. 
Going back to our text, Saul set out on a self-assigned journey but ended up with God assigned journey. One major sign of being on the road to Damascus is when your plans are taken over by factors beyond your control. At such times the more you try to pursue your plans, the more you are taken off track, but such times are usually accompanied with a sense of quiet leading of God.  

Apostle Paul needed his sight to accomplish his set objectives, and God knew as long as he has his sight he will get to Damascus. His sight had to be taken for him to come to realisation of his ignorance. Paul’s sight is similar to man’s vision. This is why God sometimes takes your vision so that you can see His own vision and run with it. 

When you feel frustrated in the pursuit of your vision, you need to find out if it is God or other forces at work. Not all frustrations are from the devil or wicked forces, sometimes God himself will frustrate you to bring you to the centre of His will. He did so for Jonah. He kept the fishes away from Peter all night such that when he caught a great multitude of fishes during the day, Peter had no choice than to accept to follow Jesus. 

When God frustrates, He does so out of love and Mercy. Don’t despair when His hands press you sore, your lemon will produce lemonade. 
Till we meet again, stay blessed and Happy New Month. 
Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010


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