The Road of Damascus (2)

In this second part of this series, we will look at the various shades of ‘The Road to Damascus’. But before we proceed it is important to stress two salient points:

1. Everybody will (or had) at one or more points travel through this road. You may travel through it once or twice depending on your sensibility or discernment. 

2. Damascus is not a destination, it is only a terminal on the journey of destiny. 
A closer look at this road will reveal the Road as:

a).  A journey 

b). A process

c). An Encounter
​A) As a journey, the Road to Damascus is a journey from self-determination to submission to the will of the Almighty. When Saul set out from Jerusalem having received letter of authority from the High Priest to arrest anyone preaching in the name of Jesus at Damascus, he was full of self-determination and self-righteousness. He was confidently passionate that he was doing the right thing. If you take time to study Acts 8:1-8, you will observed that he had made an havoc of the Church at Jerusalem and many of the Christians had fled the city. 
Saul felt justified and took his passion further to Damascus. His response to the Lord after a great light blinded him, was ‘Lord what would you have me do?’ Acts 9:4. At that point, it mattered no longer to Saul if he was right or not, he was ready to do the will of the Master. 
There are times we are humbled by life’s challenges that we stop caring about our dreams or ambitions, and we become so willing to do whatever God wants us to do. At such times we are blinded and assailed with both the tenacity and barrage of problems, that we cry out to God to help us at any price or cost. Self-pride or confidence is thrown aside, and we are literally clinging naked to the feet of the Master. That point is your Road to Damascus. The major reason for that is for the Master to get your attention. 
The Master will take you on a journey through ‘The Road to Damascus’, if it is necessary to draw your attention. Damascus experience is God’s divine interruption in the earthly pursuits of His children. 
Stay tuned for the next part in this series. 
Have a great day and remain blessed. 
Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010


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