Who Are You Raising? (6)

​Destiny Moulder: Your role as a father includes shaping destinies and lives. This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of fathering, yet the least appreciated. You can father individuals, states and even nations. Nations fail when the fathers in the nation fail in their fathering responsibility. 
You must first understand that there are destinies that are tied to your destiny. If you fail to fulfil your destiny, those destinies attached to you may suffer delay or fail completely in fulfilling theirs. 
As a father, you must see fulfilling God’s divine purpose for your life as your primary pursuit. It is in identifying and pursuing your destiny that you can become a guider or moulder of other destinies. Many of those we call touts are products of unguided or misguided destinies. Where you are today is a result of being moulded by some people. Consciously investing and taking interest in your children and wards’ lives is necessary to help them find their purpose and fulfil it. 
Refiner: To refine means to purify or to make finer. You purify by removing impurities. Through the Word of God and a transparently pure character, you are to help your children become as pure as they can be. If you have the right connection with your children, when you mirror your life after the Word, your children will mirror their lives after you. 
You must therefore ensure you are as refined as possible before you can refine your children. Children are more inclined to follow your actions than your words. Yours character can either refine or pollute those around you. You are either a refiner for your children or a pollutant. Be a refiner and not a pollutant. 
Stay tuned for the next broadcast in this series. 
Have a great week ahead and stay blessed.  

Adewumi Oni





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