Who Are You Raising? (5)

​As a father, you are meant to raise fathers of homes, communities, businesses and even nations. You must get to a point where you see fathering beyond just child bearing, but the act of consciously building destinies. It is a great responsibility and one not to be lightly treated. 

6. One of your roles as a father is that of an Arbitrator, more like a judge, an incorruptible one who exercises justice with a sense of fairness, equity and true conscience. As an Arbitrator, you will settle dispute between your children and wards, you must not be seen to be partial. Your children are watching you and they know if you are fair or not. Your sense of fairness or unfairness will be transferred to them. Corrupt judges usually learn corruption from childhood. You will also settle dispute in your neighborhood and community. You must not allow material gains influence your decisions. The Great Arbitrator sits in heaven and He knows everything you do. 
7. As a guider, your actions and inactions have a way of influencing and guiding your children and people who are looking up to you. They will come to you for guidance. If you are not guided you cannot provide any guidance. So the question is who is guiding you? Many have left their guidance in the hands of pastors, prophets and spiritual leaders, some of whom have lost touch with heaven. When the blind leads the blind there will be calamity. Let God be your Guide and you will be able to guide others. 
8. Your greatest role as a father is that of a teacher. You must teach your children godly values upon which the foundation of their character will be laid. You must teach them how to deal with the vicissitudes of life. Teaching is one of the toughest tasks of a father because it requires matching your actions with your words, so you don’t just teach in words, you must match your actions with your teaching. 
When we play our roles well as fathers, we will have less problems in our world. 
Stay blessed and enjoy your day. 
Adewumi Oni





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