Who Are You Raising? (7)

As we conclude this series, it is very important to stress the impact of prayer, a life of integrity and commitment on shaping our children’s lives. 

Prayer addresses the spiritual side of your children or wards or protégés and keep them from going astray. When you keep committing their hearts to their Maker, they will always find themselves being drawn back to the right side of life, even when they stray. 

Your integrity is infectious and can determine how faithful your children will be. How you keep your words and how you say the truth will rub off on them. When they find themselves at crossroad, the memories of your way of life may be the only guide between good and bad. That is why I said fathering is the most difficult job because it requires constant sacrifice and uprightness.
When you eat in your car and you wait till you get home before throwing the food pack in the bin, you can be sure that is exactly what your children will emulate, and if otherwise you know the result. If you are always lying, your children will find it so easy to lie. You are their mirror, they see themselves in you, so you determine what they see.  
Lastly, being committed through the thick and thin builds your children to be dependable, steadfast, strong, and committed. Stay through every course you choose. Complete every project you begin. Don’t run away from challenges,otherwise your children will always choose the path of least resistance, which hardly leads anywhere. 
As you work on becoming a better Father, you are laying a strong foundation for your children to be greater than you. 
May we not fail our children and generations to come. 
Have a blessed day. 
Adewumi Oni





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