Who Are You Raising? (4)

“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.” –  Abbe Prevost

A father has to be a friend, teacher, role model, and a disciplinarian, all in one. You have to learn to wear different hats at different times. One of such hats is being your children’s best friend. One of the roles of fathers is to be the best friend of their children. 

Best Friend : Your best friend is someone you like and share your secrets with. It is someone you always want to spend your time with. As a father, your children should be looking forward to jumping into your arms after work. You shouldn’t be too busy to sit with them and tell them stories and help them out with their homework. Spending quality time with your children helps in forming a deep bond with them. It is at such times that children pick traits from their father that will be the bedrock of their character. Kindness, patience, gentleness, self discipline and other virtues are usually imbibed by children through close observation of their fathers. Vices are also learnt the same way. 

If you make friends with your children, they will mirror their lives after you. This is the reason you must be the best friend of your children, if you want to raise great sons and daughters. 
Defender : In the same vein, you are your children’s defender. They expect you to defend and protect them against internal and external threats or danger. They implicitly believe in your ability to fight for them. It is important that you don’t betray this trust, because it can lead to crack in the character of your children/ward. Be there for them when they are ill. Be there for them when they are being bullied. Just ensure you don’t let them down when they need you most. 

Stay tuned for the next broadcast. 

Adewumi Oni





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