Who Are You Raising? (3)

​Let us take a deeper look at the roles of Fathers in continuation of this series. We will look at the first three in this part and continue with the rest in subsequent part of this series.  
1. Role Model: Children are imitators. They look at how you sit, talk, walk and try to imitate you, even up to mannerisms, especially if they are fond of you. Your child will naturally want to be like you, it is therefore important that you conduct yourself well. For example, if you are walking on the road with your son and you are pressed to urinate. If you stop on the road to urinate, don’t be surprised if your son also starts urinating. He may not understand that it is not a good habit, because he has seen you doing it, he feels cool doing same. The rule is whatever you don’t want your child to do, don’t do it. 

2. Provider: As a father, you are the breadwinner for your home. You are the primary provider of resources for your home. Don’t shift your responsibility to your wife or anyone else, otherwise your sons may grow up believing it is not their responsibility to provide while your daughters may grow up struggling for leadership of the home with their husbands. Pray and work hard to provide for your home, sometimes you may need to deny yourself of certain comfort. Your children will notice your sacrifice and it will help instil selflessness in them. 

3. Decision Maker: One of the most important duties of the Father is decision making. You will have to take decisions from time to time, both major and minor decisions. The more your children see you taking correct decisions, the more they want to be in a position to make decisions too. How you take your decisions also matters. If you seek opinion of your wife or even the children before deciding, the children will likely grow up carrying others along in their decision making moments. This is important for their career. Most dictators grow up with parents who dish out orders without carrying others along. 
Fatherhood is responsibility. You can raise a great child through proper fathering, which requires discipline, love, firmness, wisdom and the Grace of God. 

May God help us to be great fathers and make our children to be greater than us. Amen. 
Till we meet again in the next series, stay blessed. 

Adewumi Oni





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