Are you Grounded? 

​Are you grounded and running out of fuel? Tired of living? Frustrated with life and everybody? Seems like life has been most unfair to you? Nothing is working in your favour, in fact it seems you are always getting the short end of the stick. 
Giving the current economic downturn, the rising cost of living, and the attendant effects on every aspect of life, one is bound to be frustrated and be on the edge. Businesses are struggling to make it and families are feeling the crunch. The government is struggling and seems befuddled. 
The natural reactions to all these should be venting out, frustration, and anger, but all these can’t solve any problem. Suicide is not the solution, lashing out at your spouse or children will only aggravate the situation. If you also keep looking up to the government for solutions, you will add to your disappointment. 
So where do we look up to? This is the time to look up more than ever. This is the time to look up to God. I am not asking you to look up to your Pastors or Imams or other Spiritual leaders. A number of them are as perplexed as you are, so they may not be of help. 
 We are in the season when spiritual antennas must be very sensitive to the leading of God. It is the time to vent your feelings out to God and seek Him earnestly. It is not time to give up because this phase will surely pass, and God will raise new leaders and influences during this storm. 
Rather than give up or do something drastic, connect to heaven’s wavelengths, God is unleashing uncommon transformational ideas and He is looking for tested and trusted hands to trust with end time resources. 
So if you are grounded, it may actually be to your own advantage. Planes need the runway to take off into the sky, likewise being grounded gives you the opportunity to reconnect with heaven. Don’t give up, look up and be encouraged. 
Be on the lookout for a series on Capping the Year. 
Good morning and Stay blessed! 
Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010

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