Don’t Cast Your Pearls to Dogs

No matter how nice you are to some people, they will never be nice to you. Some relationships are just not worth it and will never be worth it. Some just can’t place value on anything valuable, and will always abuse what others would pay premium to have. Except for marriage relationships that might need counselling, prayers and working out, any other relationship in which one party suffers abuse, should not be tolerated. 
Don’t give your valuable resources to people who don’t know your value. Not all that glitters is gold. Some only carry face value, beyond the make-up, they are empty. Some are just opportunists, they only surface when the going gets good. Some are plain parasites, always asking and never giving. Get rid of them. Stop wasting your time and resources on such people. Some assume you will always be there and take you for granted, move away from them, let them appreciate your absence. 
Be wise in dealing with people. Don’t assume about the other person, check him out before committing to him. The rule of thumb is Check/Test before Committing. Be guided.
Stay blessed and happy night rest. 
Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010 


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