Capping the Year

In another twelve days, the year 2016 will be over and we will begin another year. We will start greeting one another ‘Happy New Year’ and make ‘New Year Resolutions’, which are mostly lip-serviced and never realised. By February or March, most people would have forgotten their resolutions and plans. Before we know it, another December will roll in and the year is gone without any tangible achievement. 
A major reason for failure in life is poor planning or not planning or not working to plan. Many of us struggle with keeping to our plans in the course of the year and this limits our achievement during the year. It is not just enough to plan, it is important that you plan early, set measurable plans,  put timelines and evaluate your progress from time to time. 
It is for this reason I deem it necessary to have this series, and I am hoping it will be helpful for at least some. I therefore enjoin you to follow this series to the end. 
We will lay the proper groundwork in the next broadcast. 
Good morning and stay blessed. 
Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010 


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