Don’t Keep Quiet in the Face of Evil

​We were rudely awakened to the reality of the rot in our nation, when a church structure collapsed in Uyo leaving scores dead. Unfortunately, headlines in dailies focused mainly on the fact that the Governor of Akwa Ibom escaped death in the collapse,  as if the faceless scores who lost their lives are of no value. 
Just maybe if the Governor had been one of the casualties, the reaction may have been different. Maybe the Presidency would have ordered a probe by now. Maybe heads would have been rolling. Maybe the Pastor of the church would have been in police custody. Maybe a national or state mourning would have been declared. Maybe… 
But the reality is that the Governor didn’t die so it can be business as usual. The bereaved families can bear their loss and bury their dead. They can bury their deads without suing the church and the construction company. The church is untouchable so they can convene another crusade few months down the line, just like it happened with the Synagogue. 
Until we begin to speak against perpetrators of evil, regardless of their position, whether  in the church or government, we will continue to witness such calamitous spectacles. Followers still throng to Synagogue after the building collapse and faithfuls will still continue to throng to the Uyo Church. 
May we wake up to call evil what it is regardless of the cloak it puts on. 
May the souls of the departed find rest with their Maker. 
Happy Eid-El Maulud. 
 Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010 


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