Keeping Your Eyes on the Mark

​We often lose sight of our main dream while in pursuit of the milestones in between. We get carried away with the attractions by the way side and shift our gaze from the ultimate goal. For instance, many people have forgotten their talents and they are lost in the corporate world. Some have sacrificed their dreams on the altar of attractive and juicy job offerings. 
This is a trap we all so easily fall into and we must do all we can to keep our gaze and focus on our dream. Nothing wrong in white collar jobs and aiming to build a career in your profession. However it will amount to a waste of time and heaven’s resources if you ignore your dream, talent and purpose in pursuit of building a career. If you can make a career of your dream or purpose, you would have achieved what only a few dare to attain. 
Here are some guides to keeping your focus on your dream:

1. Set targets and time lines for yourself. If you are employed and your job is not along your dream or purpose, then it is important that you set targets of when to quit and pursue your dreams. You can equally set things to achieve within the set time. 
2. Have a mentor and submit yourself for evaluation from time to time. Discuss your dreams with your mentor and be guided on how to manage your time better. 
3. Try and fuse your dream into your job. When passion mix with job, then your job becomes pleasurable. Find a way of bringing your passion into your job or business. 
These guides will help to prevent you from losing focus and forgetting what you set out to do. 
Stay blessed and great day ahead! 
Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010 


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