Dealing With Bad Habits (5)

The first major step in dealing with bad habits is to admit there is a problem. This is usually easy for unwilling victims as we explained in the first part of this series. For willing victims, there may be need for another person(s) to act on their behalf and save them from themselves. 
Admission of a problem makes identifying the problem easier. The next thing is to place the problem within the test of psychology, spiritual or medical. Is this a psychological problem or medical or spiritual? The best way to find out is to seek professional help. Usually professional psychologist will ask about the history of the patient to find out the root cause, before prescribing best form of treatment. 

Once a problem is identified, finding remedies becomes easy. Just as we have several factors behind those bad habits, the remedies can also be grouped into the following :

1. Psychological 

2. Medical

3. Spiritual  

Psychological Remedies: These involve seeking professional help. Unfortunately a lot of people are suffering in silence, especially in this side of the world, because they are not aware that there are specialists whose main job is to help people overcome or manage emotional, marital and even habitual problems. Some also feel ashamed telling others what they are going through, keeping to themselves and allowing frustration to build up in them till they reach the point of suicide or of transferring their aggression to others. This needs not happen at all. Just as we have medical conditions and we seek medical treatment, we should feel free to also seek psychological treatment. 

Psychologist or Sex Therapist can be of great help on issues like homosexualism, lesbianism, masturbating, even addiction to alcohol or cigarettes. It is not all cases that are spiritual. One of the reasons for prolonged addiction is seeking spiritual remedy for something that requires psychological therapy. 

The therapy may include change of environment, some form of confinement, especially if the source of the addiction is identified to be in the victim’s environment. Some may require being cut off from gadgets like TV, Internet, and hard core magazines. The necessary treatment can be identified and prescribed by a professional therapist. 

Does it mean prayers can’t help? Sure it can help,  but as a supporting therapy, especially when it has to do with the emotions or mental faculties. 

We will look at the remaining remedies tomorrow. Thank you for following thus far. 

God bless us all. 

Good morning! 

Adewumi Oni 




Twitter: onadol2010


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