Dealing With Bad Habits (6)

​Medical Remedies : Some habits require medical attention, they may have started out as harmless indulgences but ended up affecting the victim’s body and mind. Drug addicts usually start with small dose and assume they are in control of themselves. Gradually their body become dependent on the drugs and start demanding for bigger dose increasingly, until they become helpless. When it gets to the point of having lost every form of control over the body and mind, medical attention would be needed, usually combined with some therapies, including withdrawal therapy. It is detrimental to begin to apply only spiritual remedy at such stage. Medical treatment must first be administered,  and may be combined with psychological and spiritual remedies, if needed. 

Spiritual Remedies: Spiritual remedies are applicable in all cases but not necessarily as the main form of treatment, it may be as the supporting treatment. Where Spiritual treatment may be the principal treatment is in hereditary cases, because even if you treat psychological or medically, the patient may still revert into the habits because it is in the blood lineage, and it is transferable. The bloodline must therefore be cleansed spiritually through prayers, fasting and meditation on the Word of God. 
Some of these habits sometimes leave permanent damage, and the patient may just have to manage the consequence for the rest of his or her life. It is therefore important to quickly deal with any bad habits in our lives or those of our loved ones. We should avoid becoming ensnared with bad habits by watching the entry points into our life. Some of the entry points are:

1. Our Eyes: See no evil and hear no evil. Be careful with what you watch. Some movies can lure you into habits like masturbating, occultism, lesbianism, homosexualism, drinking, smoking, gambling, etc. Your eyes have strong influence on your mind and what your mind captures is hard to erase. 
2. Our Mouths: Don’t even taste it if you don’t want to be ensnared. Some strong cases of addiction to alcohol started with just a little sip. Same with cigarette, Marijuana, and other stuffs. Put a knife to your throat. Proverbs 23:2.
3. Our Nostrils: Don’t go near where you will perceive the smell of alcohol or cigarettes or hard drugs,  if you know you are hyper sensitive to the smell. Why play with fire? Many destinies have been ruined by these habits, so run from anything that smells like it. 
In conclusion, it is better not be addicted to any bad habit than to be managing the consequences later on, therefore do all you can to avoid indulging in bad habits. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 
Adewumi Oni 




Twitter: onadol2010

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