Believe Your Dream 

​Many forces will come at you to make you discard or jettison your dream. The force of reality will attack your faith in your dream. If your faith in your dream is not strong enough, you will accept reality. 
Unknowingly to many people, every reality is a product of faith. We experience in reality what we believe most in our mind. If you hold onto your dream long enough, it will soon become reality. 
People who have either lost their dreams or have no dreams will dissuade you to stop dreaming. They will tell you one thousand and one reasons why you should stop dreaming. You should know that if they were so smart they won’t be that unoccupied to be bothered about someone’s dream. 
Your inner fears will attack your dreams like a flood. Your best choice is to allow your dream to lead you rather than acting out of fear. “Following your dreams is better than being led by your fears.” –  Matshona Dhliwayo
Don’t stop believing your dreams. Take steps no matter how tiny, towards your dream everyday. Soon enough, your dream will become your reality if you faint not. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 
Adewumi Oni 




Twitter: onadol2010


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