Who Has Your Log In Details? 

​Today’s world is driven by technology, this is why it is called the Digital Age, the age of information technology. Most of the things that used to take months or years in those days now take seconds or minutes to be done. We no longer use postal system to send our letters, we now use emails. We no longer use phone booths and cards to make those long distance calls, we use WhatsApp or Imo and others. It is truly a digital world. 
Due to the plethora of digital media, we have personalised accounts like our emails, Facebook profiles, Google accounts and so on. Each of these has log in details that are known to only the users and cannot be accessed by others. This is moreso because we keep private information on most of these accounts, so we guard our log in details jealously. When someone hacks into your Facebook account, you feel like your privacy has been intruded into. 
In the same vein, we should have log in details into our lives. Not everyone should be given access into your life. You can’t share your life’s log in details with just anybody, otherwise you will hear your life story where you don’t like. Don’t trust just anyone with your life’s secret, many will use what they know about you today against you tomorrow. Be very selective when it comes to choosing your confidants and keep the circle small. The bigger the circle, the less secure your privacy. Remember secured and unsecured sites (https and http respectively), is your life https or http?
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 
Adewumi Oni 





Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/adewumi.oni

Twitter: onadol2010

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