Same Day Different Growth

Yesterday I was observing my okro garden and I saw something that is worth sharing. I observed that some of the plants have grown taller and bigger than some others, even though they were planted the same day. It caught my curiosity and I began to meditate on why the huge difference. 
Here are two reasons and lessons from this scenario:
1. Access to Water: I observed that the ones that are taller are closer to the source of water than the other,so they are growing faster than the others. Water brings life, and water can be likened to Grace. In our lives, we often wonder why some people seem to be moving faster than us. One of the reasons for this is Grace. Some people are just unmeritedly graced and they do things with ease. So instead of envying them, ask for Grace of Ease upon your life. 
Divine Positioning: I planted the seeds myself and I didn’t select one seed for one position, I just planted with open mind. But some of the seeds were fortunate to be not just near water, but far away from where people tread, so they are shielded from being treaded upon. Same way divine positioning can make a seemingly less knowledgeable person to achieve more than those who have all the qualifications. Pray to be divinely positioned friends. Often, location determines allocation. Why would someone with a score of 185 gain admission while another with 230 be denied admission? Because cut off marks for different areas are sometimes different. The race is not to the swift, neither is the battle to the strong… 
So while we are diligent in our work, let us also ask for Grace and Right Positioning so that our journey through life will be easier. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 
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Hope to see you there. 👍

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